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Just the way it's gonna be
Dude, seriously.

That's gotta be the largest email you've EVER sent me! You must be excited!! hahaha! Jeeze!

Ultimately, we can take the advice of you an your friends which I suppose wouldn't be too different from what we've already been doin on travel forums and the like.
No disrespect whatsoever, you know me. I been speaking to alot of americans an they all have there own opinion. As do we.
Check this out if you can,
Not sure if you'd be able to see it but it's just a pre planning blog.
Anyway. We had to think of time and places. trust me, we're missin out on ALOT of what I wanna see. Astoria, Tombstone, Roswell, The Alamo, San Fransisco to name but a few. The North West may be stunning, I would definitely agree with you. But do you reckon four guys wanna see beautiful sites or parties?? ;@0 okay, so that's a broad stroke but when I looked at the map i was drawn to more things south than north. And we want nice weather the further east we went so finishing north was a no no, for the tans of course. ;@)
And I like to think of our route more of a banana than a straight line.
Also, Jip an Andy today have just bought there tickets to dallas an return from LAX and we're going ahead tomorrow so San fran will have to wait. But with such a big country an with the experience were gonna have. I have a feeling i'll probably do it again with a different route! In an ideal world i'd be doin it in a Mustang over a year period! But we can't have everything. ;@)
We do have time to play with though an if we see something that we wanna look at we could make time, so its all fairly flexible. Did you know the Winchester you flagged is the one that is twinned with Ours?! I spotted at least 3 others dotted around so think that's gonna be one stop off. There's also towns like 'Lebanon' and 'Sparta'!! How's cool is that!! haha!
Would be cool if you could be part of the trip other than stayin at yours in NYC. Drivin down for tea with obama an maybe seein winchester would be cool man! Have a think on that mate.
Why do I think you'd end up staying longer. ;@) ANYWAYZ!! HAHA! See what happens when you write me your longest email ever!! I send one back! All the best mate. Have a big apple for me in 'The Big Apple' ;@) Actually, sod that, get yourself a twinkkie!!! Peace out bro
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Just the way its gonna be
Just the way it's gonna be
photo by: Vikram