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Colourful buildings, pity about the rain....

Well those following this blog will be happy to know that it is once again raining in Chile, so you get some photos and tales.  Talking to one of the hostel people this morning they told me that it hardly ever rains, and it's only maybe twice a year that you get 2 or 3 days of rain in a row like this, so I guess I'm just lucky huh.  Apparently if you go about 5 hours north in Chile it only rains every 100 years or so and you can get by without even needing a roof, so I guess I'm just plumb out of luck on the Chile weather stakes

The one advantage of all the rain was that it practically forced me to take advantage of Valparaiso's cafe culture which was quite good really. To avoid becoming as drenched as one of the many stray dogs wandering the cobbled streets, I jumped the torrent of water cascading downhill and settled in to one of the warmer looking cafes.

Grafitti style murals on the street, oh did I mention the rain ;)

I managed to have a relaxing few hours enjoying the 'menu of the day' for lunch a few blocks from the hostel. I'm not sure if it was the look of a stunned mullet on my face as I tried to decipher the waitresses simple request for me to take a seat, but it didn't take long for the waitress to have me pegged as having a, shall we say, somewhat restricted use of the Spanish language.  She kindly explained the various 4 courses (how good is a 4 course lunch!) to me, but from my point of view it seemed like 'Ok that course involves a hot liquid, so it must be a soup´, ´that one was something to do with tomato, and the main course something with chicken´and so on, you get the idea :) I'm also fairly certain that while I have some key words figured out in Spanish, I'm probably way off the track grammatically, to them I must sound like a Spanish yoda or something :) 

If the weather stops I might head up to see Pablo Naruda's house, but my hopes aren't high.  I might just check out in preparation for my Santiago airport stint tomorrow night instead. It does feel like a couple of wasted days here in Chile, I'll just have to make up for it once I hit Ecuador.

The rain cleared (well, reduced to a mist) for the last couple of hours before night fall so i did get to see the incredible colours of the houses on the hills.  I also wadered the streets to find an ascendor, to see what they were all about.  They are basically street elevators to take people up the steep hills of Valpairiso, i don't the price/benefit ratio is quite right so I don't how much locals would use them.

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Colourful buildings, pity about th…
Colourful buildings, pity about t…
Grafitti style murals on the stree…
Grafitti style murals on the stre…
photo by: montecarlostar