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I've finally made it along to Valparaiso after a long haul journey and it is p*ssing down rain so you get a nice long blog report :)  There ended up being a bit of a race to make my connecting flight since the London to Madrid flight was delayed, still I guess I have reached the point in travels where you just accept that the plane is either going to make it or it isn´t, there isn´t a lot you can do other than set a brisk pace to the departure gate once you touch down.  We ended up making it with about 30 minutes to spare so only a fast walk was needed ;)  I was actually glad the Iberia flight from London even took off since as I sat there waiting for my gate number to show at Heathrow, I read that strike action for Iberia in Europe was starting today and about 7 million people would be affected in the next 2 months so I guess I dodged a bullet there...

I seem to slowly be developing that mutant power which gives you the power to sleep on planes, it´s quite a handy one to have too.  I think I managed to sleep for about half the 13 hour flight, so between some watching of Scrubs, a movie called Hoodwinked and some iPod time we were there.  The flight actually went via Sao Paulo since one of the pilots chucked a sickie, that guy must of gone hard on world cup final night to have a 2 day hangover!

I filled in my customs declaration (let me think, did I bring any animal!)  and sure enough, as I learned in London they hit Aussies up for $56. I guess I can be grateful, Yanks and Canadians get hit to the tune of about $100!  Apparently it's a reciprical visa cost since this is what we charge Chileans for a visa.  Customs was easy enough, but as I approached that exit sign I realised just how paranoid I had become about being screwed over in some way in South America.  Naturally there's a throng of people once you exit, trying to get you in to their bus or taxi and there may well have been some people trying to help me but I was quite dismissive to the whole bunch.  My sights were set firmly on the bus company name I'd learned from tourist info, and pretty much everyone else was the enemy in my eyes.  So a minibus ride, a normal bus ride (after carefully watching my bag in the luggage hold until we left) and a taxi ride later I was in to the Luna Sonrisa hostel. Unfortunately, as I said at the start,  through all of this my experience of Chile has been CONSTANT rain. Ah well, got to take the good days with the bad.....


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photo by: montecarlostar