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A relaxing walk down to the ferry, not too many travellers up and about yet

Woke on the Isla del Sol at about 8 to get down to the water and make sure I got the 10:30 ferry ticket. It was a very peaceful walk down, with very few tourists and just the locals doing their thing around the island. One of those really nice travelling moments :)

I chatted to an American and an Argentinian (apparently their whole country thinks that Germany bribed their way to a penalty win in the world cup :) )

There was a 2 hour boat ride back where as sat comfortably on my wooden seat, I couldn't help but worry about the guy who was sitting on the bottle necks of a crate of bottles.  I sure hope the boat doesn't lurch one or the other or else he might be one of those guys in the doctors office saying 'doc, you wouldn't believe it but..."  We were also accompanied by the singing of a little French kid for the journey which was a nice touch.

A few donkeys are awake though

Then there was an INTENSE hour of travel organisation in Copacabana due to limited time before my bus leaves.  First a phone call to America tours to sort out a Pampas tour in Rurrenabaque...then a phone call to Amazonas to sort out my flight to Rurrenabaque....then check email for Pampas tour and bu schedule....then collect my box lunch from the bus company....then I was madly running along the line of buses to find my bus, with my Swiss friend Nadia trailing along behind me copying down the flight reservation number I had written in my journal.  Just when I thought I'd made it, I double checked with the driver I was going to La Paz  (always a good idea to check) and sure enough.

A colourful wait for the ferry wasn' back to unload my bag and load it on to the similar looking bus that WAS!  Amazing what you can accomplish in an hour when you put your mind to it :)

The Copacaban to La Paz bus stops half way through the 3 hour journey to ferry people and the bus across the water.  You need your passport (and 1.50 Bolivianos) There was a brief stop as we came in to La Paz to look at the views in to the city.  It's quite incredible seeing all those buildings crowded down in the valley with a spectacular mountain range backdrop, one of the more impressive looking cities I've seen.

I managed to spot 'El Solario' hostel by chance as the bus crawled through the La Paz streets, and it wasn't too far from where my bus was stopped in traffic.   With some tactical pointing and butchering of the Spanish language I convinced the criver to let me get my bag and walk.

A brief return to reality as I tried to sort out somewhere to live back in Sydney upon my return, then a quick dinner at Al Amir Comida Arabe on Murlla St which made a delicious little 3 course meal for some ridiculous price :)

Another travel day done, I was happy to be in La Paz :)


ana_merka says:
La Paz is a great spot for travelers
Posted on: Jan 19, 2017
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A relaxing walk down to the ferry,…
A relaxing walk down to the ferry…
A few donkeys are awake though
A few donkeys are awake though
A colourful wait for the ferry
A colourful wait for the ferry
The ferry is a little more packed …
The ferry is a little more packed…
The guy in front is actually sitti…
The guy in front is actually sitt…
Apparently at some point in the Co…
Apparently at some point in the C…
La Paz is cradled in a nice little…
La Paz is cradled in a nice littl…
La Paz
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