Cuzco - Day 2 - Bit of sightseeing before I head off hiking

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Right well now that I had a bit of sleep under my belt it was time to venture out in to the land of Cusco. First stop of the day, mostly because it's located at the Plaza near where I had breakfast ; was the main Cathedral of Cusco.  It's a bit pricy to enter at 15 soles, well I guess that's only $3, but it seems pricey when you're in South American budget mode.  The inside is quite spectacular with many a gold and silver alcove that would obviously be worth quite a bit.  I suspect they probably have a bit of a religious significance too ;) One of the main highlights for me was to track down the Peruvian version of the last supper, I finally managed to track it down and surely enough they are chowing down on a wee little guinea pig :) Well it amused me anyway :) There was also a cross which supposedly provides protection from earthquakes, so I know that certainly put my mind at rest

A lot of the other attractions around Cusco are museums, or museum-oriented and I really wasn't in much of a museum mode today, so I decided to just wander the streets a bit. I'm always a fan of the ´wander aimlessly to get a feel for the city´ approach. It definitely is a very attractive city, and it felt good to just walk around trying to picture what it was like back in Inca times. You're able to see some of the old Inca archways on many streets, and I assume the internet cafes were here even back then, c´mon even Incas needed email access.

So after a bit of aimless wandering I bumped in to George and Nadia, my Swiss friends from the Huaraz trek and we headed out for a drink and dinner. I thought I'd timed it early perfectly to meet with my GAP group for an Inca trail briefing, but then the mean city people went and closed off the gates on a street or two while I was eating.  A brisk walk and taxi later I did manage to make it though

A bit of background, when I booked on to the Inca trail half a year ago or so, I booked a 'Independent Inca trail' tour which basically cut out any flights since I didn't know which way I wanted to get to Lima.  So I didn't know if I would be in my own group or what the case would be. So as it turned out, I was to join up with another GAP group that was in the middle of a 2 weekish tour and this briefing was my first meeting with them.  It's a bit of a mix of nationalities that made up the 13 people lined up for the tour, Americans, English, Irish, South Africans and of course myself as the token Australian. Everyone seemed to get along pretty well so now we just had to wait up until 10 pm for our duffel bags to be delivered so we could actually pack! There were a few oddities like that with the GAP organisation skills outside of the 4 days of the tour, one more would be that I then headed back to my hotel, which was different from the rest of the group. An interesting way to do it, but so be it! 

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photo by: Vlindeke