The Rock Tour: Day 2 (2)

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Then, we went to the Aborigine Cultural Center, at Uluru. It shows the basics about Aborigine culture: their way of life, their connection to Nature, their beliefs, their stories… It is a good start to learn about them and open our mind to a completely different system of society.

The short walk we did after that, on a part of Uluru, was perfect to “put it into practice”. Our guide shared with us his knowledge of this culture, telling us stories… and History. I was really touched by all of that. This culture is so wealth. It is so sad it has been destructed by colonization. It is always a difficult subject and it is so sad how bad things like that always happen (taking a territory and destructing people living there before). Australia has a recent History about that and many facts happened only around 50 years ago.

The dodgy atmosphere in Alice Springs, with drunk Aborigines wandering in the streets like zombies, make more sense now, considering what they have been through, taken away from their culture and all they knew to be put into a totally different model.

I am so glad the country has recently reacted about it (referendum to give back to Aborigines their land – even if there are some conditions… still better than putting them into camps – or the Prime Minister’s excuses about what happened are really examples of a step forward). Our guide gave us many hints to explore more about it and made me think a lot about my own society and the way we live. It is definitely not the only model, and I hope other models can cohabite together because it is so wealthy to learn from them as well.

Finally, that is what made Uluru so special to me. I did not feel the rock by itself was more impressive than the Olgas, but learning about the culture and the stories around it made it very special.

We then watched the sunset on Uluru and went back to the campsite 20 minutes away from there.

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We woke up with the sun rising. Next stop: the Olgas. Again, this 8 kilometer walk was really unique and unexpected. They recommend not start it after 11AM due to extreme weather. Again, 3 liters of water per person were needed.

Uluru - Kata Tjuta
photo by: Morle