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I got up this morning sad to leave my friends but also happy to see other friends in the U.K.  I was really looking forward to tonight because for my friend Ian's bachelor party, all the guys were going out.  I was supposed to arrive into London around 2pm, take a train to Victoria and then catch a train to Birmingham to be in time for the party (which was taking place in Lincoln). 

I took my shower, had some breakfast and then headed to the airport.  I said goodbye to Joao and was soon standing in line to check in for my EasyJet flight to London Gatwick.  My suitcase was 2 kilos over the 20 kilo limit and the agent wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to check it.  I tried to get around it and she offered me to to take out 2 kilo of stuff and transfer it to my cary on.  So.. I stepped out of line, did that and got back in line.  It worked!!  I went through security, passport control and was waiting by the gate for my flight.

And I waited, and waited and waited...  with every passing minute I saw my transit time at Gatwick getting shorter and shorter.  Before I knew it the flight was 3 hours delayed before we were finally able to take off. Boooooo!!!!!!  Oh well.. I figured I would get to the train station in London and see what I could do. 

We arrived into Gatwick seriously late.  Of course, the line at passport control was like 10 miles long, then my bag happened to be the last one off the plane.  I had to sprint to the Gatwick express train that was headed to Victoria station and luckily I got on board 15 seconds before it left.  Other wise I would have had to wait another 15 or 30 minutes for the next train. 

Once I got to Victoria I knew I had missed my train by a long shot and figured I could just pay a small penalty to catch whatever the next one was to Birmingham.  I was wrong.  The agent had absolutely no sympathy and told me I'd have to pay a last minute fare of almost $200.00!!!!  I almost died.. especially since I was not about to drop that much money on a ticket that I had originally paid 30 dollars for. 

I left the station, with no ticket and decided to just gain my composure for a bit.  I knew that by this point i had completely missed the bachelor party but there was no sense in worrying about that.  I waited about 2 hours and then decided I would just pay for the ticket.  I went back up to the counter and purchased a new ticket.  Fortunately because it was after a certain time I only paid about 90 USD for it.  It still sucked but was better than 200!! 

Soon I found myself sitting on the train waiting to depart for Birmgingham.   I arrived sometime around 8pm at Birmingham International Airport and some friends picked me up.  It's been a long day.


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photo by: ulysses