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Ive been drawn to Hong Kong ever since I watched the handover on TV back in 1997. Finally arriving on my first visit in 2002 as a young naive 18 year old I wasnt quite prepared for what I had arrived too. Hong Kong literally does not stop, not even for a young man lost in the urban jungle. At first I hated the place too busy, too noisy, too polluted and too big! Two weeks later however and i wasnt ready to leave. Thanks to the kindness of another German Traveller and a Kiwi who was living in the city i somehow found myself leaving the fantastic YHA hostel on top of Mount Davis and living it up in an apartment that overlooked Victoria Park.

I think as with any large city you need to really take time to absorb yourself in the comings and goings, the local people in Hong Kong are great and I remember playing frisbee with the local kids in the park, i sat on little card board boxes eating my (probably dog) meatballs and really found that Hong Kong excited me in every way. From the seedy streets of Wan Chai to the up tempo chic bars in Lan Kwai Fong. I really remember one night in a fantastic club called Home, i was pretty drunk but couldnt believe how friendly the locals were being, the gorgeous chinese ladies were constantly smiling at me and wanting to chat and the guys were all high fives and hugs and pats on the back what an atmosphere!! It was only when i left that i realised i had spent the whole evening in one of the most popular gay and lesbian clubs! Hey i never knew i swear but that was a fantastic night!

Even when not pretending to be gay i started to find the locals open up to me a bit more which was great as i became informed on all the traditions and things for the upcoming chinese new year.

By the time i went to catch my flight to Perth i felt Hong Kong was definately going to stay with me for a long time, I have since been back and still class it as my favourite city! Even though 90% of Hong Kong is mountainous and green rolling hills!

I think everyone should visit this fantastic place and spend longer there than the traditional stopover of a few nights and days. Take a couple of weeks to explore not only the city but the outlying islands and the new terretories or even China and Macau. Hong Kong is really much more than the quick stopover point it also has a thriving backpacker seen hidden away the Mount Davis Hostel has been busy and thriving both times Ive been and I know the Yes Inn is popular with travellers too. I would however avoid the infamous Chungking Mansions whilst its located in a good position and some guesthouses can be ok it is also attractive to a lot of Hong Kong's underbelly such as prostitutes, drug dealers etc!

Anyway thats it for a bit im sure i'll update this so it can be of use rather than me just rambling on :-)
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