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I had a good night sleep in the hotel when I woke up early and had a nice breakfast.
We had a welcome speech from Daniel in which he welcomed us to the beuatifull country Ghana! We also discussed the plan for the upcoming days and went to change money in downton Accra. First I have to tell you that the traffic in Accra is just plain crazy! Everywhere you here the claxons of cars. There are also lots of people selling fruits, water and lots of other things on the middle of the road. We bought a pineapple which was really delicious and cheap!

Fortunately the exchangeoffice wasn't too far away so we were back pretty soon. In the meanwhile I learned the Ghanaian way of shaking hands which is really nice! After you shake hands you clip with each others fingers.
I tried it a couple of times but it is pretty difficuilt I hope I learn it at the end of the trip :D

Then we were off at the beach, I didn't know what to expect but I hoped for some swimming and recreation. We arrived at the beach and it was not that busy. The people on the beach mainly were other white people and vendours. These vendours were pretty presistent in selling you something. I was getting a bit annoyed but there was a guy who tried to sell me a bracelet but I told him I didn't have any money on me. Which was actually true because I left it at the hotel. But he still was presistent and wanted to trade for cd's, my cap, food anyting. So finally I gave him a bit of 'ontbijtkoek' (breakfastcake), this is real Dutch and I was glad he liked it and he didn't bother me anymore.

I went swimming in the ocean which was nice refreshing. After that we met some Ganaian kids who wanted to play football. They were pretty good playing on the sand which I wasn't really used but well we won anyway :D
It was really a nice day and it really felt like a holiday. But I was also looking forward to Kpandai and to do some work! This chilling and relaxing was nice but it wasn't the reason we came for.
After a nice drink at the bar which was extremely cheap we returned to the hotel.

In the evening I went chilling and singing in front of the hotel. This was very nice so eventually I stayed until late at night after I went to bed.
The next day we would travel to Kpandai which would take about 10 hours as they told me.
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photo by: qophys