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After Egypt and our 3 days at the Red Sea we took a ferry over to Jordan, which turned out to be incredible. Really loved Jordan. But very expensive ��" the Jordan Dinar is equal to the British pound. Eish…


Ok ��" the highlights:


  • In Petra, Jordan, I rode a donkey (Coco) up the 800 steps to the Monastery. What an akward but lovely experience. Actually quite nerve wracking as it’s very steep and up the mountain. Brrrr. But such fun! Petra btw is also known as the Rose City ��" carved out of the mountains ��" used in the Indiana Jones movie The Last Crusade.
  • We also went for a Turkish Bath ��" eish! The sauna, scrub and massage we had envisioned turned out to be a steam bath and then an actual wash with a scrub brush and pile of water sloshed over you ��" courtesy of a 6.2 huge Arab ��" and trust me it was thorough ��" between the toes, behind the ears and under the arms. And a very unceremonious hair wash with same bucket of water and body soap. All this while lying on a heated marble slab. Bizarre…
  • Oooh ��" and the Dead Sea! How VERY cool! I always thought there was too much hype about it, but it’s really awesome to bob up and down without falling over or submerging. And of course we did the clay thing too.
  • Then came our night in the desert. We were driven with 4x4s into the deep desert where we slept the evening in a Bedoein camp. Smoked hubbly bubblies and almost died of the cold, but I’ve never heard absolute, overwhelming silence like that. And you could actually pluck the stars from the sky. (nothing to do with the hubbly). J Then the next morning Bruce and I went for a ride on the Ships of the Desert. Loved it! Almost went over my camel’s head when it got up, but than goodness that was the only near-death experience. I am now a very big fan of camels as you’ll all see. They’re gorgeous!! And don’t smell funny at all. Though they can moan a bit and do love eating. Hmmm…. My affinity becomes clear now.



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