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Cuba was awesome. (see subject line) But a bit overwhelming to take in the difference of how it actually operates in a communist country.


For instance in the cigar factories there is no rotation or promotion system. If you start work at 18 as a roller or a sorter or whatever, that’s what you’ll be when you retire at 60.


And everyone in Cuba earns 25 Cuban Convertible Pesos a month (about R140) ��" nevermind whether you’re a doctor or lawyer or taxi driver or porter. And because education is free you get a lot of very highly educated people working as txi drivers or porters because then at least they get tips.


Oh but amazing. Because Havana used to be Mafia headquarters the hotels are all marble and arches and opulence. Even some of the sidewalks in Havana is marble! Everywhere you go there’s band and singing and dancing. And of course LOTS of rum-based cocktails!!


In Trinidad we went on a Catamaran trip to an island and snorkeled and ate paella and the Carribbean is just to die for ��" with the see-through blue water and huge starfish and shells up for picking. *sigh*


Oh and the absolute highlight of my trip was a swim with trained dolphins ��" so they were all hugs and kisses and actually picked you up and let you ski across the lagoon on their noses.


It really IS beguiling, confounding, frustrating and bewitching at the same time. Like a trip back into the 50’s ��" with everyone driving shiny Cadillacs and Chevrolets. (apparently one of the reasons for this is because you’re not allowed to buy a car ��" only way to have one is to inherit)


Can’t recommend a trip there enough.
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