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The big adventure for us began early in the morning well there was no sleep just lots of sitting around and arguing with people. We landed in Cairo at 1am where the fun began. As soon as we had our visas and passport stamps we were bombarded by taxi, hotel and tour touts, as it was 1am we had no choice but to take a taxi to leave the airport. We were lead into a darkened part of the car park where a single battered old estate car was waiting for us, this was like something from holiday hostage rescue we had strange taxi's last year in Jordan but this thing was a wreck didn’t think anyone was going to see or hear from us ever again, anyway as you do in these situations we go in. The agreed price to Ramesis Station was 16 Egyptian Pounds this was confirmed several times before we departed but after a hectic half hour in kamikaze traffic we arrived at Ramesis where the price changed from 16EGP to 60EGP ... a big jump anyway we argued for half an hour with the taxi guy eventually police with AK47's came and settled it not surprisingly on the Egyptian drivers side. Once we were rid of the thieving bast@*d we went into the station and began our 5 hour vigil waiting for the first train to Alexandria, all the while being hassled by the same AK47 wielding police trying to get us to spend money rather than sit around drinking water. First impressions not good but bound to get better, was trying to build up a beard for this leg of the trip but Claire wouldn’t let me and made me shave it off in the airport before we flew out.

pbug31 says:
wow, to bad such a bad impression of cairo. :(
Posted on: Sep 19, 2009
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photo by: vulindlela