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The Valley of the Kings and the rest of the sights that surround Luxor all lie on the West bank and are pretty spread out so our hotel arranged for transport and guide to take us out for the morning. Yet another early start am not the biggest fan of the Egyptian breakfast as greasy pancakes are not for me. The guide picked us up in a minibus and took us over to the valley of the kings first, cameras were confiscated at the gate as is common in Egypt and the entry ticket gets you entry to any three tombs that are open (apart from Tutankhamen just adding his name to a ticket for anything adds an extra 100 pounds to its cost) as the three of us only had a guidebook for the tombs our hotel guide chose the three for us, I am not convinced that she selected the best but it was an experience, the deepest was 60m and was bloody steep on the way down and the way up nearly finished one elderly Japanese visitor.

After the Valley of the Kings came the temple of Hetepshut (the only female pharaoh) this was the site I wanted to see most on the day but I was slightly disheartened when I learned that a Polish university expedition had rebuilt big sections of it. I had naively though it had survived all these years in a nearly intact state. It was at this site that our guide got angry with us because she had earlier explained the meaning of a hieroglyphic and when she asked us later what it meant none of us could remember. She asked me if we had trouble with English until I told here we were English, well apart from the Aussie we were traveling with. Anyway she was fairly grumpy for the rest of the day after this. Next came two temples and some statues of Ramesis II however we had seen the two sites I was bothered about and I had not heard of the other two so cant remember much about them. This is why we don’t like taking guided tours, they always swamp you with information you don’t need or want and add on little extras your not interested in, for example before returning and in the hope that they would make some extra cash our guide and driver took us to an alabaster workshop emphasis on the shop!!! and told us to look round and buy anything that we liked. This is the problem with Egypt you never just get what you want someone always tries to squeeze some extra cash out of you selling some tat that you don’t want. We have so many people just buy the stuff to be left alone then they wonder why they get followed by other salesmen, must have a bag of crap when they go home after their week in the sun.

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photo by: LadyMaja