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The next morning came at an ungodly hour with the Morning Prayer at 4aam and the end of Ramadan this entailed mass chanting, singing and cheering in the streets. No doubt this didn’t go down well with the six of us who had gone to bed two hours earlier. Eventually it all died own and we got an extra few hours sleep before the alarms started going off. Bags were packed and everyone exchanged email addresses, this was the point where our little group split in two. The three Australians; Ellen, Katon and Anthony headed for the ferry port to catch a supposedly fast boat back to Egypt ( the poor buggers) Claire, myself and Mat headed in a taxi to the Israeli border. Crossing the border here is great as things change immediately, you walk into Israel and can see and feel the extra security presence. We were quizzed on how the three of us came to be traveling together and what we were doing. Then our baggage looked suspicious so it took ages to clear security. Once across the checkpoint it was yet another taxi into Eilat. Eilat is a horrible western style town of Israelis little stretch of red sea it looks like a cross between the Spanish coast and Las Vegas, none of us were happy to learn that it would be 5 hours before the first bus but what could we do??? So in true us fashion we went to a bar and arrived aback at the buss station an hour early just to be safe. We found a nice little section below the AC and sat on our bags, instantly the only other person started talking to us. He claimed he was a UN advisor who accompanied by his bodyguard who had been trapped in Eilat when his armored UN jeep had broken down, More worryingly he then produced a bottle of Jack Daniels and a half bottle of Black Label whisky insisting we join him in drinks. Yes that right we sat on a bus station floor with Mat our American friend drinking whisky with a stranger claiming he was a UN advisor. After the first round was finished Claire and Mat pulled out leaving me as the guys sole drinking buddy, none of us could quite figure out what was going on. It was definitely an odd situation we had found ourselves in. The whisky kept coming mat kept laughing at me thinking that I was going to get date raped by some guy in the Middle East. Eventually his bus came and he went but not before giving us his number and asking us to ring him later in Jerusalem so we could all meet up (not too sure about that one) we are currently sat on the back seats of Egged bus 444 rumbling through the Negev desert en route to Jerusalem 4 days behind schedule, arriving in darkness and with no reservation but have no fear all is well for I have a cunning plan.

Stigen says:
Eilat is a pretty cheezy party-style place...not where you want to spend much time... I had the same bad experiences crssing the Aquaba border point...they really don`t make it easy, almost would`nt let me in because I looked "suspicious"
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
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