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Sunset at Siwwa

Mountain of the dead was great spent two or three hours walking up and down it looking in all the tombs, most  had been ruined years ago but there

were a few intact with human bones and the odd skull lying on the floor or in metal box like the one I found.

Siwa is a strange place am quite glad just

800k of the tourist trail as Claire and I have not seen any other westerners all day which is an odd feeling. The donkey taxi people don’t seem to like

us since we walk everywhere. Got annoyed with one earlier as he thought I was American!! Our dodgy hotel owner with one eye thought that I was a

Moslem and was trying to get me to wear some of his robes around town but I managed to avoid it. Have been trying to update the notes from the

last few days but internet here is sketchy at best which is quite nice for a change, doesn’t sound like me saying that does it!!! Anyway waiting for

sunset on top of the Ruined Siwan fortress then we can join the mad rush to fill up before it all starts again tomorrow. Up early as leaving for Cairo

which entails a 8 hour bus journey to Alex and then a 3 hour train journey into Cairo not the best way to spend a day but has been worth it to come

here. Hats of to Claire, how, many women would allow such a trip to a third world dust bowl made of mud for their honeymoon. Hope everyone at

home ok because we are having a ball…..just no beer think I might try to find an Irish bar in Cairo since leaving Belgium with the 9% beer we have not

seen any since landing, odd feeling not too sure if I like it. Anyway sun setting now so bye for now time for us to eat.

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Sunset at Siwwa
Sunset at Siwwa
photo by: trinademattei