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We heard from some other backpackers that Luxor was home to something very rare in Egypt….an Irish bar. This was like music to our ears and obviously we had to investigate further, all we knew was that it was that it was called Murphy’s. Sounded good to us even if they had no Guinness they would have Murphy’s since it was named Murphy’s. We walked for about two miles through the various streets of tat before setting our eyes on Murphy’s Irish bar, was it a mirage was Allah teasing us??? It seemed too good to be true. We ventured inside there it was a pump with that magical name Guinness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bounded merrily to the bar and asked for two pints of it only to be told that they do not stock it, when I motioned towards the pump I was told it was only for show, I asked for Murphy’s and then Cafferys but received blank looks from the un Irish looking staff. I asked if they had any Irish beer and then the bomb was dropped they don’t sell it because they can’t afford to import it. I turned to Claire a devastated and heartbroken man and walked towards the door. The bar staff seemed shocked that we were leaving an Irish pub just because it had no Irish beer even though it sold Saqqara lager. How could this be an irish bar I asked, as we walked out there was an ausie couple smiling at us they had done the same but had caved in and bought the local pisswater excuse for a beer, but not I and so we left what can only be described politely as the worst Irish bar in the history of Irish bars. So a kind note to any Guinness loving person in this heathen land, don’t waste you time looking in Egypt its not there, we have carried out extensive investigation into this. Move on to Aqaba where they have it in plentiful supply.

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Once we were settled into the hotel we were off to see the sights of the town. As we are on the east bank today was Karnak and Luxor Temple day, the walk from the hotel to Karnak was quite long at 3km in this heat it took a good hour, the good news is that it was 1pm when we got there and most tourists disappear for an afternoon kip to avoid the sun, not us this is the best time as you have places to yourself. There were maybe 30 of us inside the giant complex which dwarfed the pyramids and was far more impressive spent a good three hours walking round by which time the package tourists woke up and we walked off merrily towards the Luxor Temple, this was far smaller and nowhere near as grand but still nice to visit and again we left just as it was getting busy, following this hectic day of travel and exploration we ended it quite nicely with a sunset felucca ride with the infamous Captain X (he calls himself Captain X because he is obviously a captain and X because his Arabic name is tool long for foreigners) Luxor is a great little city clean unlike Cairo and everything is walkable. Tomorrow we leave but not before visiting the East bank of the Nile and the Valley of the Kings. Another early start but it’s a big site so it can’t be helped.

Capatin X

The time has come for us to leave Aswan and head up to Luxor, the trip began at 7am with a three hour train ride the same bit of track we had traveled on the night train but in daylight so we could see …………….you guessed it ………….sand. Anyway after three hours we arrived at luxor and were immediately bombarded by hotel touts and taxi drivers, as usual we had no booking but knew which hotel we wanted but not where it was. Got a map from tourist information but not much help as there are no street names but we had a general idea. We were followed around town by the hotel touts trying to dissuade us from our choice  and go to their hotels for half the price, they went as far as giving bad directions which led us predictably to their hotel. Anyway after an hour we were checked into the the Happy Land Hotel, Luxor’s premier backpacker hotel.

Capatin X
Capatin X
photo by: LadyMaja