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Backpacking is the best way to see the world.

The people you meet can make the trip more enjoyable and memorable than the sights.

Developing Countries (whilst we haven’t seen them at their worst) are called the “developing” for a reason…….they tend to be dirty shit holes.

Traveling is not a holiday it is exhausting but far more rewarding (as I type Claire is falling asleep on the train home)

Egypt is a miserable, money grabbing but cheap country. They don’t even smile while they are ripping you off!!!!

Jordan is great, the sights the people both fantastic will go back time and time again.

Israel is odd, its expensive, very expensive, the people are not so much miserable but angry its very hard to find a happy and sociable Israeli. Many have died trying.

There’s no pint traveling if you have a set plan and are not willing to deviate from it.

Random experiences are always the best.

In total we spent 26 Nights away:

5 at the Formula one 85GBP

1 in Alexandria 13GBP

2 in Siwa 14GBP

3 in Cairo 30GBP

1 Night train (Cairo-Aswan) 100GBP

2 in Aswan 26GBP

1 in Luxor 8GBP

1 Night Bus (Luxor-Dahab) 13GBP

4 in Dahab 28GBP

1 in Aqaba 14GBP

2 in Wadi Musa 30GBP

1 in Aqaba (again) 15GBP

1 in Jerusalem 5GBP

1 traveling and waiting for transport 0GBP

26 nights Accommodation – 381GBP (including the two biggest journeys)


Oh yes and 1 cheeky surprise night in York 80GBP for honestly the best room we have ever stayed in, would recommend to everyone (no roughing it for the final night)


Various Transport Things


1-Night train

1-Night bus


1-Pickup truck

1-Mini van

16-Taxis (I think)

20-Local Bus





See how bored I got on the train home, but at least it kept me awake.

To everyone we met between the F1 and the Middle East, its been one hell of a trip, nice to meet you all apart from most of the Egyptians that is. Those whos email address we have we will send you some fairly random pics when we get settled in our new house.


Thanks for a great trip and amazing and random honeymoon.


p.s. never try to walk from Aqaba port to Aqaba City its not going to happen.

itravel1 says:
Great blog, Thanks!
Posted on: Oct 13, 2012
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