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We eventually found a mini van driver that was willing to take the six of us from Wadi Musa to Aqaba even though all public busses had stopped for the day. The price was 7JD each which seemed reasonable. Once we were moving the driver insisted we all pay an extra JD each to make up for the empty seat in the front, this we refused to do and so we drove in circles around town shouting “Aqaba, Aqaba” out of thee window trying to entice an extra passenger, none came but eventually the drivers brother came to give him some company for the trip. The driver was a real greasy guy liked checking up on Claire and Ellen in the rear view mirror and was showing off by driving like a mad man and beeping his horn continuously.

Almost as bad as as his driving was his music which we had to endure for the whole trip, the drive down was from high mountains with 100foot drops on wither side but he was more interested in showing off his middle eastern dance moves and fancy handwork (we would have preferred his hands to be on the wheel) Half way there he got pulled over by the police for speeding and got a 25JD fine even though his brother was claiming to be a policeman from Karak. The only proof of this was a photo of what looked like him in a fancy dress outfit and a video of some martial arts training. We were neither convinced, impressed or intimidated, which I am sure was the purpose for him being there. On arrival at Aqaba he tried to make us pay for the fine so we all just walked away, the plan had been discussed earlier before arrival. At this point it was apparent we were not going to make it to Jerusalem so we stayed in the hotel again. Negotiations were tough but we managed to get the same rooms as before for the same price since the first room I checked out stank of piss, not nice in a warm country. The night was spent between a bar serving Guinness and the hotel balcony where we drank the Egyptian whiskey we had snoock through customs and the beer we bought back from the shop. Eventualy a candyfloss seller stopped in the street and we lowereda string to buy some he took thee money aqttached the candyfloss and some other kid pinched it while we were pulling it up, so I ran into the street and chased him, found the candy floss seller and managed to get another bag for the bunch of us to eat. This may make us all sound bad but we deserved it for the last few days and our endurance challenge through Egypt.

Stigen says:
Nicely written !
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
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