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Awesome sight..
As I stepped out of the Ted Stevens International Airport at Anchorage, Alaska, I really didn’t know what to expect. The airport itself had seemed fairly regular. I had followed the familiar signs and had reached the exit from where I was to catch the bus to my downtown Hostel.

As I stood at the exit…on the inside of the airport, I put on my Chicago-winter jacket.. pulled over the hood… decided to hold off on the gloves for the time being, and readied myself to face the brunt of the Alaskan cold!

It was 10:20 p.m. My bus was to arrive in 5 minutes. Hurrying, I opened the door that now stood between me and the outside………….. And then there was light!!!

Yup, at 10:20 in the night, the Anchorage sky was lit up as if the sun had just slipped under some clouds! Ok, I exaggerate! But it was like 6:00 p.m. would be in Chicago or even in India. I had read about this, and so should’ve expected it. But somehow nothing ever prepared me for reality as reality itself does! I stepped out.. and felt a cool gentle breeze against my face! This is not bad at all �" thought I!

And then it hit me �" the mountains looming in the background… It looked like someplace straight out of a fairy tale! All thoughts of the bus were banished from my mind as I stood there… mesmerized! I had expected Anchorage to be a big city with sky scrapers and all.. and had imagined that I would have to travel quite far to get a glimpse of the Alaskan ranges. But there it was … right in my face, almost! It was slightly unnerving.. and most fascinating!

Thankfully I soon came to my senses and remembered that I had a bus to catch. Unzipping my jacket, I stepped over to the bus stop and asked a guy standing there about the bus.

The over friendly youth not only told me all (unnecessary!) details about the bus system, but also told me about the city and the best places to eat and drink. All this information peppered with talk of how much he loved Indians and the Indian culture! Not too keen for company, and yet, happy to find someone so friendly, I smiled along and let him chat to his heart’s delight!

So far so good…

I reached the hostel and found it to be a dinky little place… the room was sufficient, but cold. No heat… and no internet! Welcome to the wild, I told myself!

Tired though I was, I decided to take some advantage of Anchorage being a late night city. And so, I strolled around the downtown area.. took in the lovely view all around.. checked out the visitor’s information center and some local shops..

Even now, the memory of the city… almost completely devoid of any tall buildings (except for the large hotel chains �" for which I was ever thankful!) .. with the mountains bordering one end of the horizon and the ocean spread out on the other end… gives me the chills! How can something so fantastic even exist??

Blissful and drowsy, I went back to the hostel and tucked in for the day.

Tomorrow, the adventure begins, I told myself as sleep gently took over..
anupa_rk says:
@Jeremy - I would LOVE to visit Alaska in the winter.. want to see the northern lights too! Hope I can make it sometime. :)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
anupa_rk says:
@Cory - My pleasure :)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
vulindlela says:
I know you don't care for the cold, but you'll have to go back in the winter when the sun comes out at 10am and sets at 2pm.
Quite an experience.
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
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Awesome sight..
Awesome sight..
photo by: anupa_rk