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My base camp!
Last night I slept the most beautiful sleep I have ever slept! I was sooo tired when I got back to the hostel.. I just wanted to go back and crash. And I was kinda dreading that because the night before had not been too good. The luxuries of hotels on trips has really spoilt me!

When I got back to the hostel, I found out that my roommate had arrived. Bummer, thought I... I was looking forward to being alone..

The roommate was an Indian girl from London. She'd just lost her job and so was taking a break by exploring the Canadian rockies and Alaska. She'd been traveling for a month!!! All around Alaska! Man, I was sooo jealous! Especially as she was telling me about Talkeetna and Fairbanks and all places up north that I wasnt going to be able to see.
The little log cabin by the hostel
I felt so sad that I had a mere 4-5 days.. and that I'd probably never be able to come back to Alaska.

Oh well, I told myself that if I had a choice of losing my job and being able to take month long trips or being the way I am now, I'd choose the latter!

Which reminds me, its quite likely that I may end up losing my job thanks to this trip! I've really pushed it this time. I havent been answering phone calls.. having been responding to mails.. I've just been missing! And come Tuesday, I'm going to have to face the music. But we'll take that as it comes.. As of now, I feel this trip is totally worth any consequences that may follow. So I hope I feel this way when the axe falls on my head too :D

Staying at a hostel definitely has its charm.. Especially for a travel lover. People staying at a hostel are essentially travelers. You wont find a business deal or a conference being conducted in a hostel! And so, travel is in the air. And not just travel.. the important part is - budget travel! So everyone's sharing tips.. everyone's out to help.. knowing that everyone else is, like them, on a tight budget. That way you get to know of the best deals.. the most value for your money.

When I checked in, the front desk informed me that their wi fi was down. But also told me that he'd seen some people acess the internet out on the porch. So I headed there with my little netbook and asked the first person I saw. He not only told me which wi fis I could leach off of, but also gave me tips on which of them was the fastest! And then went on to set it up on my netbook for me. When I jokingly protested saying that I was quite computer literate, he smiled saying he just wanted to check out my netbook! He himself was carrying a white Asus..

My roommate turned out to be quite a repertoire of information too. I've wanted to go to the Canadian rockies for a while now. But budget has been the main constraint. I had to chose between Banff and Yellowstone.. and I decided to plan a trip to Yellowstone.. But well, its always nice to hear about the palces you've wanted to see. And so I welcomed her talk about the rockies.. and of Banff.. It kinda triggered my desire to go there again, but I told myself that soon I'd see the Alaskan range up close.. and that would be enough mountain for me!

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My base camp!
My base camp!
The little log cabin by the hostel
The little log cabin by the hostel
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