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Back at Anchorage, I decided that I had to make up for the lost breakfast. I had intended to go to the Snow City Cafe, and this time, get a table no matter how long I had to wait!!! So I headed that way, and to my surprise, I got a table within 10 minutes! And a most delightful server as well! So, I let him order his favourites for me.. and at 2 in the afternoon, blissfully (semi) drunk, I was munching on a typical Alaskan breakfast!!! :D

That done, I stepped out.. and decided to go to the Visitor's Information Center and check out what else there was to do. I had made a couple of plans earlier, but now I was just feeling so drowsy... I just wanted to lie down in one of the parks and doze off!!! I decided to do that. But just as I was settling down, I told myself - this is my last day. I wont ever get to see Anchorage again in my life. Is this how I want to spend my last few hours in Alaska???

The thought shook away my sleep... mildly.. But it renewed my focus.. And so, I decided to get into the nearest Starbucks, down a nice strong cup of coffee.. and get on with the Alaskan experience!! The coffee helped.. and once my head was clear, I started looking at all my notes and printouts. And then I decided to go to the Native Heritage Center. It was basically a cultural museum of sorts.. educating people about Alaskan culture and history.. about the natives of Alaska and their traditions.. it was nice... They also had a couple of shows playing.. I went and watched one pertaining to the Northern Lights... Oh my God.. they look so pretty!!!!! The show was being shown in a planetorium kinda place.. and so it was such a lovely feeling to be looking up at the night sky... lit up with these dancing lights of all colors...

I didnt spend much time in the Heritage Center.. I felt the need to "do" something. And so, looking at all my notes again, I decided to go berry picking! The slogan of the month for the berry picking tour company was - "Bears know best. August brings perfect berries!" And so, we set off... into a forest.. to pick berries!
anupa_rk says:
Nope, I'm absolutely certain it was the "Snow CITY cafe" :) Unless they've changed the name in the last year.
Posted on: Oct 13, 2010
AlaskaDon says:
I think you must mean the Snow Goose Cafe. Sorry, I'm not nit-picking, really!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2010
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photo by: anupa_rk