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Reindeers???????? My eyes popped out!!! Real Live REINDEERS??? The guide laughed at my apparant shock, and led me to a little shed like place at the back of the office.. And what do I see there? Two reindeers... merrily resting.. I was stunned! And then the guide told me that they were going to be feeding the reindeers soon... and asked me if I would like to feed them as well!! Feed them???? Could I?????

:D .. Judging me to be a city bred fool, he started explaining how reindeers were friendly creatures that could be petted just like dogs.. And then he called another lady who opened up the gate to the reindeer's shed, and taking a basketful of leaves, heading towards them... beckoning me... I followed meekly.. wondering how the animals would react to a strangers presence.
The lady then told me that the reindeers were called Thunder and Hungrryy! Yup, that's with two Rs and two Ys! She said Hungrryy was the younger one and was more playful. Thumder took some time to get comfy with strangers. And then she asked me to pet Hungrryy.. who had come right up to us and was nuzzling against her! I touched him.. smooth soft fur... And then I touched his antlers!!! Smooth and soft... like velvet!! I had expected it to feel like... horns! And Hungrryy didnt mind me at all!! I patted and petted and he just nuzzled once in a while and kept munching on his leaves! :D

I didnt even notice the time slip away.. until the guide guy came running and told me that the shuttle was going to leave! I bid Hungrryy and Thunder a hasty farewell and ran to catch the bus that was to take me back to downtown Anchorage.

Once there I went back to the hostel, picked up my bags that I had left there, and started walking towards the bus depot... to catch the bus to the airport. My trip was coming to an end :(

When I reached the bus depot, I realised that I had some more time to spare. And so, I opened up my netbook and scoured the area for wifis that I could leech off of :D .. I've been doing this all through my trip to Alaska and its so much fun!! Everytime I see a big hotel like the Marriot or the Sheraton, the first thing that strikes me is - free wifi :D

Anyway, soon it was time.. the bus arrived.. and I hopped on to it..

And with that, my first truly solo trip came to an end. And all I have to say is that, given that I had to go somewhere solo, I couldnt have chosen better than Alaska.

This has been the most perfect trip that I could ever imagine.

Words fail me now!

Of course, I only wish I two weeks more!! :D .. But well, given the way things are...... it was perfect.
magsterone says:
Thanks for your blogs. I really enjoyed them. I am looking to go to Alaska in July of 2012 by myself as my husband isn't interested. What kind of clothes did you take? Is their anything that you would change about your trip? Did you take the train with the glass top?
Posted on: Sep 14, 2011
luvrvine says:
Wow !! Amazing !! I enjoyed the blogs so much. really inspiring.. Hats off to you..I am really impressed and I read all your entries.. Keep are really a great blogger...
Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
Lord_Mike says:
I am glad you did not pet the Moose!
Posted on: Aug 26, 2009
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