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Did I say that the mountains leave feeling completely awe-struck? And did i say I love the feel of the ocean breeze against my face?? Well you can quite imagine how overwhelmed I was to have both these spectacular feelings delivered to me side by side!

The cruise at Seaward set off at the appointed hour... with a friendly tour guide explaining the do and donts of the tour. The vessal I boarded was a small motor boat.. not nearly a ship.. and yet, not one of those catamarans you see.. Reasonably sized.. to ensure that the passengers really got a feel of the currents below!

And then it began..

With the jaw droppingly beautiful mountains on one side.. and the bay of Alaska on the other, it was paradise for me! I sat at the bow of the ship.
. huddled up in all my woolens. Thankfully I had prepared well for this trip.. and so I was one of the few who remained at the bow.. facing the brunt of the cool ocean breeze all along.

The glaciers that melted into the oceans added an extra chill to the breeze... and the effect of the ice one one hand and the sun streaming down on the other was really quite magnificent.

It was a beautiful day. Clear blue skies.. sun shining high.. and the breeze - just right!

What was supposed to be a 5 hour cruise through the fjords turned into a 7 and a half hour cruise through the oceans - chasing whales!!! Apparantly, its very rare to see whales at this time of the year as they are readying for their migration down south at this time. Especially the humpback whales. And so, when someone aboard the deck yelled "Humpback whale 5 o'clock.
." , everybody turned their eyes in the mentioned direction at once. And then the chase began! The whale decided to be elusive today and we decided that we just have to have a look at this one! Finally, after more than an hour of tracking it, we found it.. in the company of two more! And whats more, the trio put up quite a how for us! From huffing and puffing to let the steam off, to displaying their lovely tails... to even one lovely jump! It was totally worth the chase!

My only gripe was that they wouldnt pose for very long! And so, I had to chose between watching their antics using the binoculars.. or clicking snaps! I chose the binocs, of course...

Also got to see some cute Otters.. a mama bear with her cub... some birds.. even a bald eagle..(the state bird of Alaska).
. and some sea lions. Oh and some adorable porpoises!!! They look just like Dolphins.. maybe slightly larger, but just as agile.. and just as fast! One minute they were prancing about our ship and the next they were gone!

But the highlight of the trip was the Glacier.. We saw a lot of glaciers while cruising.. but the tour guide decided to take us up close and personal with one of them. A huge gigantic glacier.. spanning over a mile and a half! And BLUE! Sparkling...crystal blue! We went near enough to touch it.. almost!! And for that, we had to traverse through ice laden water! In little cannoes! Man it was cold!! Ice ice ice ...everywhere! We were not allowed to go right up to the glacier because the face of the glacier had been chipping off.. due to the heat. So we just stayed around it.
.. watched the little pieces of ice break off and crash against the water... Leaving our boats to rock under its waves..

I never knew that there was a sound to the glaciers... but there is... the sound of the wind striking its face.. The sound of the ice breaking.. and then creating rippling in the water below.. The sound of the glacier... it was marvellous..

We stayed there a long time.. just feeling the boat bob against that icy water... watching the glacier.. admiring the work of nature..

I want to see more :D

I believe the ice that forms glaciers is considerably more dense than the ice that we're used to using with our Cokes! Which is why they look blue.

I just sat there... at the bow... all 7 hours.. feeling the wind.. soaking in the sights around me.. knowing that I have never seen a more enchanting place than this. It was the place fairy tales are made of! Magical!

And the end of it, as I step into the train heading back to Anchorage, I am tired... My arms and legs hurt... My mind demands relief from its exhaustion....

And yet, when I think about the ride back.. and the sights along the way, my spirit soars! And my mind allows me a few more hours.....
cotton_foam says:
Wow!!! What a beautiful description, Anupa!! I will take note on the sounds of glaciers...I'd like to experience that!!
Posted on: Sep 28, 2013
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