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This morning, since my train was only at 10, I decided to explore downtown Anchorage a little more. And so I set off on a walk around the city. I had decided to go breakfast at a cafe called Snow City Cafe... voted the best breakfast joint by the natives of Alaska for the last three consecutive years. Quite impressed, I wanted to go see what the fuss was all about! It was across town from the hostel, and so I decided to wake up early in the morning and set off. But then I ended up oversleeping! I guess my body needed to just shut down after all the excitement. And so, I didnt even hear the alarm ring at 5 in the morning... I slept right till 7! And then i RAN!!!! Dressed up hurridly.
. packed up the essentials and set off.

I walked along the coast line right across the city... stopping now and then to take in the awesome view all around me.. wishing there was some way I could capture what I was seeing in some way more effective than just my memory!

Half way down across town, I came across the Farmers marketplace. Its a cute little marketplace that the people of Anchorage set up every weekend to display and sell their local produce.. which includes some nice arts and crafts as well. I had a look around... And decided to come back later in the evening to pick up some souveniers. Continuing my walk across the city, I realised that although Anchorage is the most highly populated city in Alaska (I think 60-70% of Alaskans like in Anchorage), it is still desolate by all standards.
. There are no sky scrapers.. The only tall buildings I saw were hotels like the Marriot and Sheraton. And they really stood out like a sore thumb amidst all the beauty, you know. I couldnt help but think that the least they could've done was create a more aesthitically pleasing building that complimented the scenic place where it was built. It was really irritating to see those huge slabs of concerte and glass sticking out in an otherwise modest and pleasing scenario.

I quickly came to the other end of the city... and to the cafe that I was seeking. And what do I find there? A mile long queue! I should've known! It was a Sunday morning. Where did I expect Alaskans and tourists alike to be at if not at the best breakfast joint in the city??! Not having too much time to spare, I got in line at the takeout counter and decided to find a bench somewhere along the coast line to munch on my breakfast.

That done, I headed to the Railway station to get onto my train for the day. The plan was to catch the Glacier Discovery train to Whittier to see some more Glaciers!! Yup, I've definitely not had enough of those yet! I hadnt actually realised that I'd see a glacier on yesterday's Kenai Fjords cruise. Also, yesterday's cruise was much longer than planned. So I am less excited today. And I even thought that maybe it would've been better if I was on the Denali Express going up north to Talkeetna today. But well, I had planned and booked this earlier and so I must go along.. Slightly disappointed though. Maybe because I have been hearing about Denali and Talkeetna from my roommate so much.

Oh well...
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photo by: anupa_rk