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What better way to participate in the celebration..than to land up?!!
And just like that, I decided to set off. It had turned into a sense of “now or never” … I don’t know whether the motivation was truly my desire or just ennui.

But it was done. Tickets were booked. Bags were packed. I was going to Alaska.

Alaska…. Alaska has been a dream destination. One that I didn’t think I could realize. For one, it was too expensive. And again, one needed atleast 2 weeks to really see Alaska. And that was a luxury that I couldn’t imagine. The hubby had no intentions whatsoever to see the great land. And I hadn’t come around to being comfortable with the idea of traveling solo. Or maybe I just hadn’t tried.

So, Alaska was one of those places that I wanted to go to… but couldn’t.

Until one fine day, I asked myself - " why the hell not!

And just like that, it was done. The decision had been taken.

The week preceding the trip was probably the most tedious.. most drawn out week in the history of weeks. Everyday I counted hours.. hours, not days.. to my departure. Every day I read more and more about the land I had decided to venture into.. Everyday I wondered what I was going to face… and how I was going to deal with being by myself in a land so large…so vast… and so terribly unfamiliar!

“Ever get that feeling that if you breathe too hard the bubble might burst?... and so you just hold your breath... half in fear.. half in anticipation...”

My Facebook status for the week reflected exactly what I was going through every single day of the week…

With baited breath I watched the proceedings of the office place. Wondering when the great calamity that was to shatter my plans was to happen…

But the week slipped by as uneventfully as any other before it had.

And just like that, the 4th day of the week arrived….and after much cajoling, left! And it was time…!

For a week I had packed and unpacked.. made lists and itineraries.. planned every aspect of my trip.. And yet, when the time arrived, I felt as unprepared as a virgin :D

But I made it to the airport.. and then to the flight. And after a 6.5 hour flight across the continent, I had arrived.


bhush2006 says:
Oh Ok. I will keep this figure in mind PLUS airfare. Thanks.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2013
anupa_rk says:
The expenditure kinda depends on where you're flying in from and what you want to do while you're there.
I travel solo most of the time, and I stay in hostels so that I can spend more money on activities.
That said, I think anywhere between $1000-$2000 for a week's trip should be good.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2013
bhush2006 says:
Hi. What was total expenditure approximately.. This is my dream and sometime in future I have to plan.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2013
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What better way to participate in …
What better way to participate in…
photo by: anupa_rk