Day 14: From above the Atlantic Ocean back home

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It's a very short and uncomfortable night, with many times falling a sleep, half a sleep, half waking up, as about six hours after closing the shutter of my window in the plane, I return to just about full awakeness and shortly after that, "breakfast" (omelet, a small cake, a bit of fruit and a bottle of Bifidus) is served.

By now we have crossed the ocean and are over Ireland again. It feels like five o´ clock (AM), but the flight data in the plane shows the local time to be just past eleven in the morning (but, of course, Peruvian time is still five AM). And hour later, at 1 one PM (we shifted another timezone), we touchdown at Schiphol Amsterdam and taxi to gate E8.

This time it takes only ten minutes to leave the plane, but there is a passport control already at the exit of the gate.
From there on, things go quite quickly. Two of our group find me, and the three of us walk to the luggage reclaim, hold a short but necessary stop on the "road", before passing the regular passport control.

Our luggage is already moving in on the baggage claim, so after arriving at the right one, I only have to wait for a personal record breaking time of two minutes to have retrieved mine (and another personal fastest: only 37 minutes between stopping at the gate and getting my suitcase back). We are already the last of our group there; four have already left without saying goodbye (and until now, as I write this blog, I still haven't hear from them), so only five of us are left to shake hands and say our farewells.

Together, the final five leave the arrivals area, immediately going our own separate ways.

My father is waiting for me just outside the non-restricted area. He buys my train ticket, as I get a bottle of drink (it's only now that I realise how little I drank during the flight - stupid me!). From there on it's the train to Den Haag and the RandstadRail home, to arrive there at a quarter past three in the afternoon - which is, according to my internal clock (still on Peruvian time), equal to quarter past eight in the morning.

It's the end of a beautiful holiday, on which I look back with the greatest pleasure on an amazing country.

Adios, Peru!
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photo by: rsvpme