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Because of my appointment for the "try-dive", I awoke with the alarm at 6:30 to a steel gray sky, high wind, and a beautiful rainbow. After staking out the chairs I got tea for Linda, then went to breakfast alone.  I was a bit early for my 8:10 "try-dive" appointment with C. J. in the dive shop.  I was joined there by three Canadians, Mike, Edna (A.K.A. Teddy) and Ed.  The fourth member of their party had backed out. First, we watched a 20-minute video produced by PADI. This was primarily a promo but also gave some basics.

  Next C. J. gave a lecture on procedures, signals, safety, etc. and we went to suit-up.  We were in bathing suits and t-shirts and added to that a weight belt, BCD (buoyancy control device), tanks, mask, and fins.  Thus outfitted, we headed for one of the pools; the one with a deep end.  Starting at the shallow end, we were told first how to inflate and deflate the BCD and to use the regulator.  Next, after instruction by C. J., we all knelt on the bottom and each, in turn, practiced filling out masks 1/2 way with water, then clearing it.  Mike had a hell of a time remembering to blow through his nose.  Next, we were instructed on how to retrieve the regulator under water, purge it, and resume breathing. He also taught us how to signal that we were out of air, then switch over to his emergency air supply.  We knelt down again to practice the two maneuvers. Actually, it was a hell of a lot easier than I expected.
All but Mike were now ready for the deep end of the pool.  We sat on the bottom and inched our way down the slope, pausing from time to time to equalize our ears.  Once there, C. J. demonstrated, then we just swam around while C. J. went back to work with Mike.  C. J. came back with Teddy's camera to take some underwater photos of us kneeling on the bottom.  We left the pool for a 15-20 minute break, then suited up again and headed for the boat. We waded into the surf, put the fins on and swam to the boat, which was moored off the beach.  Once there, we removed the fins and, with a ton of gear, climbed up the ladder.  It took us a few miles north to what they call 1/4 wreck, the shattered remains of a small ship in 40 feet of water.  Getting up onto the gunwale with all the gear on was a formidable task and dropping backwards into the water brought back vivid images of my skydiving adventure.  There were 7 of us in the water; C.
J. and the three try-divers, a safety diver and a Scottish couple just along for the dive.  C. J. dove down to tie a rope to the engine of the wreck then asked Teddy and me to go down together.  I had a hell of a time equalizing my ears and had to keep going back up a bit.  I tried everything, including blowing a lot harder than I should have.  Eventually, I made it down to the bottom and we swam away with C. J. leading the tour.  He used a magic slate to tell us what the various plants, coral and fish were.  Unfortunately, I was the first to run low on air so C. J. and his brood all surfaced together with C. J. setting the pace.  As we broke the surface, C. J. said my nose was bleeding and, looking down, I could see blood in the mask.  Foolishly, I cleared the mask, then immediately though about the sharks!  I couldn't get into the boat fast enough! C.
J. said the blood was from forcibly equalizing my ears.  About the time we got into the boat, the other three surfaced so we set off back to the hotel.  The hardest part of the whole day was trekking up the beach with a ton of equipment.  I sat on the beach a while, then intercepted Lin after her aroma therapy massage and we had lunch. 

Spent most of the afternoon on the beach but went back to the dive shop to buy a "slap strap" for my own mask and also did a bit of snorkeling.  We laid down a while before dinner, then went to the piano bar where we met a British couple, Karen and Richard, from near Windsor. They had just arrived and we invited them to diner with us.  I had a sushi & sashimi appetizer and then grilled marlin; Lin had pumpkin chili soup and chicken.  Picked up after dinner drinks at the terrace, then headed for the room.
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