Travel Day: Ljubljana, Slovenia to Balaton, Hungary

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The train to Balaton took 6 hours and cost 35 euro.  The only reason to come to Balaton as a backpacker, i would guess, would be to fly out of the Ryan Air airport.  As we expected, once off the train, we discovered we where in the middle of nowhere.  There was no taxi cue, no information office, and no hotels in sight.

Luckily, we noticed a young couple in the parking lot.  Kat asked them if there were any hotels in walking distance, and graciously the guy offered to drive us to the next town.  He explained there were no hotels in this small town, but the next town called Keszthely would have hotels.  After about a 15 minute drive, we arrived in Keszthely and we walked around for awhile until we found a suitable hotel.  It was actually a family home which was converted into a hotel.  It seems most of the hotels were of this nature.  We had to ring several doorbells until we found this one.  I dont remember the name of it, nor the price.

Amazingly, we had mexican food for dinner...again.  It is not that we are searching Eastern Europe for mexican restaurants, they just find us, and reluctantly we will eat there because there is not much else in the way of options.  After dinner, we walked around the town, but pretty much everything was shut down for the we went to a strip bar.  Seriously.  This was a bizzare experience, to say the least.  We had to knock on a locked door.  Once allowed in, we walked down a flight of stairs and into a small room with a tiny stage.  There were 3 "dancers" sitting around the bar, and no other patrons.  After we ordered drinks, one of the girls started to dance on the stage.  Each of the girls danced a few songs fully clothed.  We left the bar after the first drink, and after we made it to the street we heard the music shut off.  It was most strange.

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photo by: Ehab_maher