Travel Day: Edinburgh to Glasgow, Glasgow to Hahn, Germany

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Little did i know...this would be one of the craziest and longest days of my life.

The cheapest way to get back to Germany, was to fly out of Glasgow, so we got a bus from Edinburgh to Glasgow for 4.60 pound.  The buses leave every 10 minutes and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Once we arrived in Glasgow, we explored the city.  Glasgow's architecture is not as nice as Edinburgh.  Glasgow has more of a modern feel to it, while Edinburgh has very many beautiful historic buildings.  We had lunch at The Sports Cafe.  Good, deep fried food, terrible for you though.

After eating and watching sports for a couple of hours, we explored the shopping district.  Not very impressive.  We had to catch a bus to Prestwick, which is where Ryan Air flys from, so we went to the bus terminal early.  The bus costs 5 pound and usually takes 1 hour, but because of traffice it took 2 hours.  Lucky for us we left a little early.  The airport was completely packed, another reason to get to Ryan Air airports early.  The flight to Hahn, Germany was 30 pound.

We arrived in Germany pretty late at night, but our night was not yet a long shot.  Around 2 am, because of events i dare not discuss, Kat and I found ourselves out on the street.  We decided to try and sleep at the bus stop, and catch the bus to Speicher at 6am, from there we could catch a train to Trier.  Sometime in the night, an American couple saw us at the bus stop and exclaimed, "What the #$%@!"  This would have been a splendid idea, if it wasnt for the weather.  In Germany, even late in July, the evenings can get pretty cold, and Kat could not sleep.  So we decided to walk to the train station in Speicher, with all of our luggage.  My pack at this point weighed over 30 kilos, and Kat had a rolling suit case.  It took us over 3 hours of steady walking to get to the train station.  Along the way, Kat lost hold of her suitcase and it rolled down a steep hill, until finally crashing into a tree at the bottom.  We just laughed hysterically, nothing else to do really.

Nearly five minutes after our arrival the train pulled into the station.  It took all the strength i had to stay awake until we got to Trier.
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