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Booked 2 seats on the train to Bar in the morning.  The trip lasts 8 hours and cost 2000 din per person for first class.  We ate at a restaurant near the train station.  The only thing that resembled a name of the restaurant was Pectopah that was written on the door.  Which, as i translated later, means restaurant, so i actually dont know the name of the place.  Anyway, i had a breaded chicken for 300 din.  It was ok, definitely a local hangout, which was pretty cool.

We usually book first class to ensure a comfortable trip, but this would not be the case on this train.  We had 2 guys join us,  who smelled terribly and would smoke even though it was a non-smoking car.  When i pointed the non-smoking sign, he just laughed and mumbled something in serbian.  The smell was pretty bad so i tried to open a window, but smelly dude didnt like that.  It actually got physical with some pushing, but going to jail in Serbia is not one of my hobbies, so i just left the car to find a vacant one.  I regret how this escalated because i really hate to leave bad impressions when i travel, but trust me this could not have been avoided.

Everything was plum when i found a vacant car, and the rest of the trip went pretty smoothly.  Well, sort of, the train was 2 hours late arriving in Bar, and it was getting pretty late.  We usually get a room from someone soliciting, but noone came up to us.  So we had the bright idea of walking to a hotel.  Bad idea.  We walked for about 15 minutes and realized this train station is out in the middle of nowhere.  Luckily, very luckily, a car stopped and displayed a sign that read SOBE.  At first i was confused by this sign, but after some hand signals i figured out they were renting rooms.  Sobe means cheap rooms for rent.  They took us to their home and gave us a choice of 2 rooms.  The beds were comfortable, but the rooms were hot and swarming with mozzies.  The price was 10 euro per night.  The owner was very nice and would drive us around for cheaper than a taxi would charge.  He drove us to a late night restaurant and stayed around until we were ready to drive us back to the room. 

Quote of the Day: Sorry, we dont speak Montenegran

bi3003 says:
A cautionary tale! I'm planning to go to Montenegro and my guidebook calls the Belgrade to Bar route "one of the world's most spectacular rail trips". Did you get to see any of the view through cigarette smoke, and if so, would you recommend it? I'd love to hear from anyone who's travelled this route.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2009
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