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Ooopsy, i was supposed to wake up early and go to Uruguay today.  But once again i got drunk and couldnt wake up.  This city if very hard to leave.  So instead, i planned some of my trip with the hostel travel planner guy (that is his only job).  Dinner was cheap and fast around the corner, because i didnt like the free food at the hostel, lentil soup or some swag.

Stayed and drank at the hostel bar.  I brilliantly decided to join the drinking game categories.  Thats were if you pull the last king in the deck, you must drink whatever is in the community cup.  Well, i pulled it 2 of the 3 games i played in, delicious mixture of whisky and wine, my favorite.  Well, about 30 minutes later i refunded that liquid in the john, even more delicious coming up.

After my deposit was finished i went back down to the bar to find out Jack, who put most of the liquid in the community glass, had gone up to his room for a coma (nap).  Me and three other mates took it upon ourselves to teach Jack a little lesson in antiquing.  That is when a little water and flour is tossed in the facial region as one slumbers, pretty funny.  Jack didnt think so, and got revenge on one of my companions.  Pretty much a normal night at Tango City.


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