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the street our apartment was located on

Booked a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria with Olympic Airways for 200 euro.  Booked a hostel online before arriving called Art Hostel.  A double room with private bathroom, living room, and kitchen for 20 euro per person per night.

A note about taxis in Eastern Europe:  There seems to be a common practice among some taxi drivers to rip off tourists in most of the countries i visited.  Each country has a slight variation to the techniques they use, but i can somewhat summarize here.  In Bulgaria we learned that the cheaper taxis used a meter instead of just giving you a price, so make sure the taxi you are getting in uses a meter.  The taxi driver that is trying to rip you off, will tell you anything to get you in the cab, but it is all lies.

the walkway leading to our apartment building
  For example, immediately after arriving in the exit area of Sofia airport we were solicited by a "taxi driver" who told us it would cost 40 BGN to get to our hostel.  This is after negotiating for several minutes, so the original price he quoted us was much higher.  We decided to walk outside and find a taxi cue to determine if the price we were quoted was too high.  Sure enough we found a metered taxi, and the total price to our hostel was only 7 BGN!  Quite a large difference between the first taxi driver.  So be very careful here.

We get to our hostel to find out the room we booked was not in the same location as the office.  Most of the rooms at the main hostel were dorm rooms, so if you book one of those you will be ok.  But we booked a private room.

the apartment
  The directions we were given by the hostel were hideous.  It took us several hours, and some help from locals, who called our hostel to get us to the place.  All of which could have been avoided if we were given proper directions.

The room was located on a dark street lined with tall trees in a neighberhood reminescent of the soviet union.  The apartment building as well reminded me of old school soviet block.  The acutal apartment itself was adequate, but could have used some updates in certain areas that would have made the place really cool.  It was good enough for what we needed however.

For dinner we ate at a place called Ugo.  Ugo appears to be a small chain of restaurants located around Sofia.  We had salad, cheese bread, and 2 local dishes all for 15 US.  The food was pretty tastey especially for the price.  For that price we also had some local beer and wine.

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the street our apartment was locat…
the street our apartment was loca…
the walkway leading to our apartme…
the walkway leading to our apartm…
the apartment
the apartment
inside the apartment, living room …
inside the apartment, living room…
Restaurant Ugo
Restaurant Ugo
photo by: EmEm