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When I was in Brazil, I was told to stay at Milhouse Hostel in Buenos Aires.  When I tried to book it online, there were no availabilities for the 1st 2 nights i was in Buenos Aires, which is why I stayed at Hostel Inn.  This was the morning after Southfest and I was hurting real bad.  Partly because of my state, I found everything at Milhouse very inconvenient.  The staff was not as friendly or helpful, the shower and toilets were not inside the rooms, instead you had to walk outside to this foyer and then into the bathrooms.  As I was in the bathroom, the last person in my room locked the room and left.  So i was locked out with just a towel.  Fairly annoying.  This is why it is nice for everyone to have their own key Milhouse Hostel.  I had to go down to the lobby and get the key, which wasn't there, so they had to give me a spare.  Another inconvenience, Milhouse only had 2 computers for internet and when i asked there were many people in the cue for the computer.

For dinner I returned to Desnivel with Pete and Adam, and of course, I ordered the lomo.  However, I forgot to ask the waiter if they accepted credit cards before ordering.  It turned out they do not accept cards, so I told the waiter to cancel my order, because I did not have enough cash.  I could have borrowed from Adam or Pete, but I hate borrowing money.  When the waiter brought out the food he brought my steak with him.  I was confused, so i thought maybe he didn't understand me when I cancelled.  However, when the bill came, he told me to not worry about it.  This was crazy, a free steak?  Man this place was great!

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