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This was my 2nd time in Ecuador, 1st one was 2-3 weeks ago, hehe. Met Shawn and Jen (ninjafer), was hanging out with them. Since I've already been here, I could also play guide, hehe, besides knowing new places, trying new food and... bought more boots!!! yay!!! Why this main photo? well, by the end of the trip I was a mora juice addict!

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August 13th, 2009Lima, Peru
August 13th, 2009Callao, Peru
August 13th, 2009Quito, Ecuador
August 14th, 2009Quito, Ecuador
August 15th, 2009Otavalo, Ecuador
August 15th, 2009Cotacachi, Ecuador
August 16th, 2009Cotacachi, Ecuador
August 16th, 2009Cayambe, Ecuador
August 16th, 2009Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador
August 16th, 2009Quito, Ecuador
August 17th, 2009Quito, Ecuador
August 18th, 2009Quito, Ecuador
August 18th, 2009Callao, Peru
August 18th, 2009Lima, Peru