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El Rincon del Pisco - Pisco Corner
Since the taxi picked me up earlier than expected. I had more than plenty of time at the airport. Furthermore, I just had a carry-on, so it was very simple. I have already checked in online, but anyway I did the line - there were just 3 people - to ask if they had Vegetarian meal, hahaha. I have been told that TACA offered this option. I called them in advance and the girl who answered told me to talk at the counter. So I did, but they don't offer this service anymore, pfff. Well, this is not a big deal, but I didn't feel very well, since my previous experience with TACA wasn't that good. Hopefully this time might be better.

I went through security and through customs. I had about 2 1/2 hourst to kill. Oh no! There was something that Shawn asked me for: pisco! Last time I left one bottle, but he met a friend and.
Minigunther was traveling undercover, shhh
.. hahaha. No problem, I got 2 bottles of a nice pisco. He tried to make pisco sours, but needed the Peruvian touch ;)

Ok, now I was ready. I had a new book with me and had plenty of time to read it. Just grabbed a bottle of Inca Kola diet - no way I could find it the next few days - and went to my gate. Do I have everything with me? Minigunther (ok), iPod (ok), book (ok). I was starting to read, when my dad called me. We were talking for a few minutes, saying good bye, bla bla bla. Then I reassumed my reading and another phone call. This time was Shawn. Last time in Quito I got an Ecuadorian chip for my cellphone and he charged it, so I'd have credit when I arrive to Quito and would be able to call him, sweet!!!

It was time to board, made the last call to mom.
my boarding pass and the airport fee US$ 31!
Last time I was using my Peruvian number, hehehe. This plane was smaller than the one I took to Guayaquil with Lan, mmm. Oh well, this would be a short flight and it wasn't full, so I might be able to have the 3 seats for myself, yay! There was a lady next to me, but wanted to move next to her friends, hehehe. Would I own the 3 seats? No... a boy came and sat down next to the window...

What a surprise! we started to chat and did it most of the flight, hahaha. He's Ecuadorian, but lives in La Havana. He was in Colombia and in his way back to Quito, had a 12hrs lay over in Lima!!! Flight was ok and service was better than expected, hehehe. Although I prefer Lan and having my own screen. There wasn't music here, thank God I have my iPod and was chatting with Fabian. I told him to contact me if he goes back to Lima. This time, longer than 12hrs please!
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El Rincon del Pisco - Pisco Corner
El Rincon del Pisco - Pisco Corner
Minigunther was traveling undercov…
Minigunther was traveling underco…
my boarding pass and the airport f…
my boarding pass and the airport …
that was my flight
that was my flight
leaving Peru
leaving Peru
photo by: yadilitta