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The delighful Lake Bled and its castle
...Leaving Bosnia I passed through Republicka Serbia. Here I was severely grilled by a gnarly border guard who looked liked he'd gutted and devoured people for lesser crimes than being alone, at winter, in a very foreign land, looking too young and stupid to substantiate a claim to be an engineer, travelling with no real purpose. A passport photo with hair down to your waist doesn’t help either...

I spent one more night in Zagreb in Hrvatska, catching up again with a gang of students I'd met in Dubrovnik. We had a great nite discussing, amongst other things, the upcoming presidential elections in which dr Ivo Sanader was very likely to win. Every billboard I'd seen the whole time I was in Hrvatska had his irreprehensible smiling mug on it and I was pretty sure I'd vote for him too if I could! The students were very intelligent, great fun and they all kept breaking out in song and got along so well it was a blast.
The delighful Lake Bled and its island church
They had been on a field trip in Dubrovnik one nite when I was there in a pub and had rescued me from some crazy Aussie girls I had met at the hostel! We had a great nite where they took it upon themselves to teach me all they could about Hrvatska and I had to sleep at their place after I missed the hostel curfew (Hethur later showed me how to sneak in!). They also pointed out the important fact that 'cheers!' and 'lets shag!' are pronounced almost identical in Croatian…which helped explain a lot… This nite we talked about Australian politics and they already knew all about John Howard, Canberra, Mark Viduka, refugees overboard, Uluru, Mt Kosciusko and a host of other things about Oz.

Next morning I mosied on to Ljubljana, capital of Slovenija.
The delighful Lake Bled and its island church
This was the 2nd most overwhelmingly and instantly impressed by a place I have ever been. The Lonely Brick calls the country the secret gem of Europe. This is an understatement. It is without question the crown jewel! The country is prosperous, vibrant and healthy, the streets clean and safe, the people stunning, intelligent and arrestingly friendly. The roads are tidy and ordered. Every toilet is spotless. The fashion is exotic and everything dirt cheap. There are massive underground food and pizza halls/bars where students can go and they eat for free. Health services and medication are free. The food is great, and giddyup, you can even eat horse! The clubs and bars are phenomenal, thumping and very classy. I visited a club on top of a massive department store serviced only by a red carpeted elevator to find a full jungle themed entourage of fire breathers, dancers and jugglers coupled with the best dam music and the entire crowd like something out of a beautiful people catalogue.
The delighful Lake Bled and its castle
It was seriously like being in Hollywood... and I was Jonny Depp! Basically it has the best of every European country but without any of the crap.

I really cant fault it.

I went up to the mountains to breathtaking and tranquil Lake Bled. It feautures a cliff with a castle on it and a cute little church filling a tiny island in the middle of it. I was accompanied by some locals who I'd met. After I'd told them I wasn’t going to be able to get there they insisted that every visitor MUST see Bled and had taken the day off work purely to make sure I saw Bled! They then invited me that nite to the nightclub one of them managed where there was a massive party. It was awesome to say the very least. They introduced me to their friends and I spent the nite drinking the most exotic cocktails, shouting drinks left right and centre and it all cost me less than $40AU.

So before I wrap off for now, be warned, when you venture to the Baltics you will certainly need this:
"Ne Želum Iĉe Kuĉe"
Pronounced "Nay zshelum itchy kutchy"
It means:
"I don’t want to go home"….

Živjeli & Puno Hvala!  (Cheers & thanks a lot!)

KasiaPL says:
I love Bled, it is beautiful
Posted on: Feb 20, 2010
Martin_Austria says:
but only almost :-)
Posted on: Oct 22, 2008
genetravelling says:
almost as bad as 'Bad Aussie' ;-)
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
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The delighful Lake Bled and its ca…
The delighful Lake Bled and its c…
The delighful Lake Bled and its is…
The delighful Lake Bled and its i…
The delighful Lake Bled and its is…
The delighful Lake Bled and its i…
The delighful Lake Bled and its ca…
The delighful Lake Bled and its c…
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