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The humid jungle of Kuala Lumpur greeted me as I stepped off of the plane on the evening of March 23rd.  Well in all reality, the urban sprawl of KL is actually about 45 min drive from the airport, which is a little far for an international airport if you ask me.
By the time I arrived into KL it was already dark; however, having a bit of energy left I decided to head out anyways. My hostel was 27 RM * 9 CAD for two nights. This brought a smile to my face. I guess sleeping in the dirty, noisy part of KL in Chinatown pays off. So I threw my bags on my tiny bed in my windowless box of a room, and headed out to see the night life of KL, only to be stunned! I never thought the backpackers was on the footsteps of the Petaling night market and the place was buzzing with excitement and activity. Unlike NZ which always seemed to be dead by midnight *even in the bigger centers* KL was alive and thriving. It was all a bit overwhelming for me after a 14 hours in airports and on planes so I headed back to my hostel and crashed for the night.
Now just as Kuala Lumpur is alive at night, it is dead in the morning. Some shops don't even open till late. So there I stood in Chinatown with a map *in French* and looking up you can spot the twin towers tovvering over the city horizon. This.... these buildings are so tall, story after story after story and all glass.  The weight of these buildings must be gigantic.  The buildings of this city are amazing and rather diverse.  With Muslims, Christians, Hindu's and Buddists all under the same roof I was in for a buffet of temples, churches and mosks. All the women wear the traditional clothing of their faith and many garbs are simply over flowing with colour and the streets are at times rather vibrant as the crowds rush forward.  Now their is the occassional attractive women, however the features of this culture do not really appeal to me all that much.  And it is amazing to walk for hours and actually not see anyone white. It was great. So I turn some namless corner on my lost trek of the day and I suddenly find myself in the middle of the food market. Fruits, almost all of which I could not name, numerous fish *who knows how old* live chickens, which they slaughter alive... and boil alive.  Cats are rumaging around and licking the food on the tables, blood, fish guts flowing down the pebble stone ground and wow! the smell, is like that of a chickens ass and a used prostitutes va.... *don't ask* And I have to admit, amongst all of this it takes some guts to walk up to one of the numerous stands, stand there and order food you have no idea what it is.  My first experience saw me eating tongue, fish eyes, liver and ... don't want to venture any guess on the rest.... I couldn't understand the guy. A surprising amount of the speak English which makes things easier.  So I sit in the middle of the market, sweat dripping off of my back into my ass because the humidity is close to 100 percent and the temperature is 34 C , my hair is disheveled and sticking up, greasy, and my shirt, worn for multiple days is sticking to me like a wet cloth. I order my food.  I am hot and hungry, and WOW! Shit! that curry will burn your tongue right out of your mouth, which would not be good, because they would probably try to sell it to the next foreigner.  And the meals, which are reasonably well portioned are roughly 1 CAD after bartering. Your drink is something with black sweet floaties in it (I think some sort of boiled sugar cane) and you have to stay hydrated as often as possible.
So once again I take a namless corner, and all of a sudden I hear "hey big daddy!" "akward sounding whistles" "huney for your huney" and all sort of one line prostitute pick up lines.  You get hung for selling drugs here, no pubs readily available on every corner, but prostitutes and AIDS abound.

*white people avoid eachother like some sort of black plague
*barter for everything, your taxi, shopping especially.
*this place is a girls shopping dream, cheap cheap cheap and tons of clothes and shoes and watches and everything all our shopping crazed female kind could want

I will leave the gay, obese, purple spandex prostitute with the nightmarish crotch buldge out of the email due to the nightmares it entails upon its recollection in my mind.

Rules of the road in KL are slightly different to say the least. There are multitudes of bikes and they go absolutely everywhere, sidewalks, between cars, amongst pedestrians.  And pedestrians will cross busy highways like their is no concept of oncoming traffic.  All the bikes filter to the front on a red light so when the light finially turns green it sounds like something off a Mad Max movie.

Well that is all I can think of for KL at the moment.  It was an amazing place and I have fallen in love with Asia and it is now high on my list of places to go to as soon as possible.  The people are amazingly friendly and even on some dodgy streets at night I did not feel unsafe.  Wonderful experience.

TravellinChic says:
Try going to Phils someday. There are few places in this wonderful and varied country that will make you think that there really must be something so great and all powerful that would be responsible for the wonder that you'll see..and the feelings and experience will be something that you'll treasure.
Posted on: Mar 05, 2010
flying_dolphin7 says:
Love the blog and very great writing.. it's like i'm reading a novel. Hopefully you will visit Malaysia again or other country in Asia:)
Posted on: Dec 22, 2009
jessta says:
Nice blog!! Hope you will visit Malaysia again!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007
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