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My name is Vladimir Lalov.

I work as a marketing intern in a Czech company.The summer of 2009 will remain unforgettable for me - in the worst possible sense.Instead of having a deserved rest in a safe and hospitable island, I was forced to suffer nightmares and experience moments of helplessness and terror.
Although some of my friends and the Greek police suggested I should try to forget everything because I was lucky and it could have been “much worse”, I do not want to forget, mainly because what happened to me may happen to other unsuspecting tourists in the future.

On July 26 this year I went on vacation to the island of Mikonos, Greece.
We stayed at Hotel Eva (Ornos). The owners of the 4-star hotel  - Eva and Yorgos K0ukas unwillingly informed me that thefts happen in the hotel whenever tourists are not in their rooms.
Тhe next morning  when I went to the beach, besides  a beach towel, I also took all of my money and belongings with me.

That same day, I withdrew some money from an ATM, so I can pay my hotel stay for the next few days.
Summer nights in Greece are very hot, so I decided to leave the window opened during the night.
When I woke up the next morning, I found out with horror that in this hotel thefts are happening not only during the day while tourists are absent from their rooms, but also at night while they are sleeping.
My phone and my wallet were missing.Some of my documents were scattered on the balcony.


After the initial shock passed over me, I went to inform the owners of the hotel about what had happened. Before I said a word, the owner threw my empty wallet on the reception desk, quietly explaining in Greek that he found it while cleaning the pool area.
He had not called the police, nor had he come to check whether I was still alive and kicking in my room. I was also informed that one more  room  was robbed the same night.
Despite my attempts to conduct the conversation in English, he continued speaking in Greek, in order to prevent  the incoming hotel guests from understanding what had happened.
I asked the owner to call the police or at least to give me a ride there, to which  he "kindly" offered me to catch a cab and pay for it myself. I had to remind him that all my money was stolen - virtually all my savings...

the Owners1

At 10 a.m. I finally made it to the police station.I explained to a police officer what had happened. Not only did he ignore me, but he also refused to give me his name or a copy/confirmation number of the police report, which I signed.
I wasn't welcome at Hotel Eva anymore... I barely managed to call my mother in Bulgaria to quickly explain what had happened.
It took me a whole day to get home - time during which my family had no way of contacting me.

I do not expect  to be reimbursed  for my material losses, nor Mr. Koukas can compensate me for the emotional damage  I suffered. However, the future guest of Hotel Eva should know that if  this happens to them, they cannot rely on any effective assistance by the owner or by the police.

"One click = One step towards Protecting our lives"

Every  person who “clicks” on and reads this information contributes to one simple cause: helps this information “climbs up” the world’s search engines helps more people learn about it and protect themselves  appeals to others to follow my example,  so that next time we can all plan one safer and more pleasant holiday.

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was robbed and kicked out of Hotel Eva (Ornos, Mykonos), Greece. Left without any money. The owners - Eva and Yorgos Koukas did not even want to cal… read entire review
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