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This may be the church in Upper Slaughter, but it has been so long that I honestly can't remember.

We started the next morning with another delicious breakfast at the B&B.  Following that we went to the post office so I could mail some postcards, and then we set off again in the car.  On this day we were going to the see villages that are more commonly associated with the Cotswolds.  We learned that you can start at the village of Upper Slaughter (aren't the names great?!) and hike through more villages to Burton-on-the-Water.  (You'll have to forgive my fascination with these names.  I'm used to Midwest American town names, which all seem to either be based on the founder of the city or else an old Native American word.)  When we arrived in Upper Slaughter we found an old church that was open and decided to check it out.

  An elderly caretaker was inside, and he chatted with us and gave us some information about the structure.  The stonework dated back to the 800's.  The rest of the building dated from the 15th or 17th centuries.  Then he let us peak up the stairwell that led to the bell tower.  You could see that each step had been worn down in the center from hundreds of years of steps.  Then he left and we took some pictures.  Like many of the country churches we saw, this one had a small table where little handicraft items were for sale.  I bought a small lavender sachet and placed the money in the honour box, in appreciation for the time the caretaker had spent with us.

After leaving the church we found the Warden's Way path and began our trek.  The first part of the path took us right through two sheep pastures.

  It was great, we were able to get fairly close to them.  We were led on to Lower Slaughter, which was not terribly interesting.  We looked at a few shops, then set off further on the path.  This part of the trail was much less picturesque.  When we reached Burton-on-the-Water we somehow entered through the wrong side of town, adding substantially to our journey.  We finally reached the High Street, by which time it was getting pretty hot.  (England was experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures for April.)  We stopped at a restaurant for lunch.  I had a bagette with bacon, brie, and chutney along with some sparkling water.  It was delicious. 

Once we had eaten and cooled off we started to wander the city.

  It was really lovely, with water running in a canal through the landscape.  We walked along the water and went in many of the shops.  We found another small church there as well.  As it was April, tourist season hadn't really kicked in yet.  The crowds were sizeable, but not overwhelming.  But I understand that if we had returned a month later, the streets would have been packed with tourists.  Our timing turned out to be great.  We were really lucky with the weather.

After touring the city we started the walk back to the car in Upper Slaughter.  In Lower Slaughter Jenny went into another church, while I sat on a bench along the water to soak up the atmosphere (and to rest my feet!).  From Upper Slaughter we drove on to Stow-on-the-Wold (another fantastic name).

  We looked in several more shops and I got some fudge to give as gifts back home.  Then we found a tea shop and had tea and scones.

Next we tried to drive to Snowshill to frolic in lavender fields, as our guidebook suggested, but found that lavender was not in season and the site was closed.  So we drove on to Broadway and walked up and down the streets.

By this time we were pretty tired, so we came back to the B&B.  We rested for a while then walked to the pub for dinner.  We met a couple from Maryland at the pub who were vacationing in another local B&B.  For a while we had a nice chat, but then it moved on to politics and we discovered we were on opposite sides of the political spectrum.  I really didn't want to be one of those Americans who argues loudly in public, so after trying and failing to change the topic of conversation we eventually left.  We returned to our room to decide what we would do in London, which we were heading to the next day. 

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This may be the church in Upper Sl…
This may be the church in Upper S…
I think this may have been in Broa…
I think this may have been in Bro…
The good old Ebrington Arms.
The good old Ebrington Arms.
In the pub.
In the pub.
photo by: jenmarie77