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The shuttle ride to LAX was just about as good as it gets. With the upcoming holiday weekend traffic was at an absolute minimum. We relaxed and took our time and still arrived at the airport with more than two hours before departure time to Fiji. There were virtually no lines in the airport either. We walked right up to the counter and had our ticket in no time. Then we headed off in search of food. We held off eating until we got to the airport, reasoning that we would have loads of time after getting through security. The assumption was correct; however we did not anticipate that the Pacific Air wing of the airport ?the wing for all the small international airlines- would have such a crummy selection of eateries. It resembled a mall food court ?and to top it off, most were closed. (We arrived around 9:30). We ended up at the Mexican joint. The carna asada tacos we not bad, and they had Ojos Megelis, so Dennis and I toasted to the beginning of the trip and chowed down.
The couple next to us was quite friendly and had an Australian accent. They asked us about the beer we picked and after a brief description, they decided to order a round. They liked the beer and we took the opportunity to ask them what beers to try when we arrived in Melbourne.
The jet taking us on the 10 hour flight to Fiji was a 747 and it could not have been more than a 1/3 full, so we had room to stretch out. It was still a challenge to find a row of seats to yourself considering quite a few travelers were staking out the prime spots. I found a center row to stretch out in however it was a bulkhead row and the arm rests did not lift. So I had to kinda contort my body around them. Nevertheless I was able to fall asleep only awakening long enough to change position and let circulation return to various limbs. I think I crashed just after the lights went out ?about 1 hour in to the flight. I was awoken by the breakfast announcement, and what seemed like a few hours turned out to be most of the fight, leaving only about 2 hours to go.

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