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My newsitem on the Dutch news!

I was interviewed this week for the national Dutch news and broadcasted yesterday but here i have the link for my newsitem:



Every month, new Dutch drugsmuggles are caught at the airport in Lima.

Getting caught with drugs in Peru means that your life will be changed forever, you will go to the worst prisons in the world with dangerous and corruped circumstances: The Sarita Colonia prison and the Lurigancho prison.

The punishment of smuggling drugs is between 8 and 25 years in prison without going back to the Netherlands because they don't send Dutch prisoners back to the Netherlands.


It's better to stay in prison when you are a childabuser or a murderer, they don't get 25 years for what they did, that's crazy but it's the reality and the law in Peru.

You can read everything about the circumstances in the Sarita Colonia prison in my "Caught in Peru" blog.


In may and june i've visited Lima, the capital city of Peru to visit 15 Dutch prisoners in one of the worst prisons of Peru.

The Dutch prisoners have nothing, only the clothes they where wearing when they are arrested and further nothing!

Not even a teethbrush!

They get a little bit of money every month from the gouverment but it's impossible to pay for the clean water and food for a month.

They mostley eat 1 meal in 2,5 day, because then they have enough money for water and sometimes a piece of soap.

Showing the pics of the Peruvian prison

They can't afford stamps for the mail.. very sad when you see that.


That's why we started our own official foundation for those prisoners!

It's called: "Nederlandse gedetineerden in Peru'' (Dutch prisoners in Peru)

My idea is to visit them 1 or 2 times a year with a box full with soap,toothbrushes,newspapers,Dutch products,toothpaste and a lot of Peruvian stamps and some bottles of water and medication, they are so happy when you visit them and give that to them.

They never had visit by anyone, no family,no KLM pilots, nobody!

They are so glad and happy that i want to help them the next years in prison without knowing whats gonna happen with them.


To keep up-to-date with the prisoners i write a lot of letters to them, send them sometimes a packages.

It cost me a lot of time,energy and money to visit them every year twice and the packages i bring to them cost me a lot of money.

Showing and filming my website

That's why iam looking for kind people who can send us a donation to help us with our foundation.

Every cent will be saved untill december 2009, than i go back to Peru.

With the money iam gonna buy everything they need to help them trough the next half year.

We can use every Euro or Dollar or whatever to help those poor guys, that they smuggled drugs was a mistake and some where forced but that's not a reason to take away the human rights of somebody!

Some people gave me advice to write my story on Travbuddy so everyone can read it, i hope it's a good publicity for my foundation.

In my "Caught in Peru" blog you find more detailed information about the prison i've visited.

In the future iam gonna try to search penpals from Travbuddy to write letters to the Dutch prisoners so you can ask them everything :)


So if you think about giving a small donation to our foundation and do something good for your fellow creature, then you can donate on this number:  1506.

"prisonhorror in Peru"
42.954  and please don't forget to report your username :)

Later this month i make a Paypal account, that's easyer :)

I already received a donation from our good Travbuddy's Huibdos and Vlindeke, i want to thank him so mutch for the donation!

Thuesday 6 oktober: Sended 9 pants and 2 rompi's to the Santa Monica female prison.

Thank you people for taking the time to read about my foundation,


Jasper Bloemendal

The Netherlands

sweetlovercat85 says:
Keep on going! admirable what you do
Posted on: Feb 07, 2011
traveller142009 says:
You have a good and compassionate heart to want to help these lost souls. Everyone deserves a second chance and I am sure your good works are much appreciated by these prisoners. Hopefully bringing awareness to this issue will disuade others from participating in such activity and also touch the hearts of others to help these men who have made a terrible mistake.
Posted on: Dec 08, 2009
dqfn1 says:
Wauw, fantastisch initiatief man! Helaas zit ik krap bij kas (student, moet alles zelf betalen). Zodra ik geld over hou kan je op mij rekenen. Succes met alles!
Posted on: Sep 19, 2009
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My newsitem on the Dutch news!
Showing the pics of the Peruvian p…
Showing the pics of the Peruvian …
Showing and filming my website
Showing and filming my website
prisonhorror in Peru
"prisonhorror in Peru"
My TB-picture in the newspaper!
My TB-picture in the newspaper!
Iam busy with the translation.
Iam busy with the translation. I…
Interview for the television
Interview for the television
The page with my newsarticle
The page with my newsarticle
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Some close-up shots
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