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Back in KTM
When my alarm clock went off at stupid o'clock the following morning, finding out if I was flying that day was a simple matter of looking out of the window into the black pre-dawn sky. As soon as my blurry eyes saw the first star, I knew we were KTM bound. It was time to say goodbye to out last remaining porters and then to descend into the chaos of Lukla departures. OK, I've done a bit of independent travel, but here I was oh so happy to have Pemba, Ghorma and Gyalzen to get us from the front door and onto the plane. Security was fantastic as well - the 17 year-old soldier at the gate asked me if I was carrying any knives, which I told him I wasn't. After a half hearted attempt to open my rucksack he gave up and turned his attention back to the equally young policewoman next to him - x-ray scanners not required!

The apron was chaos, with the arriving passengers as relieved to arrive as we were to leave - they had been waiting in KTM for 3 days and the entire aircraft turnaround took no more than a couple of minutes. Strapped in, our take-off was unlike any other - straight downhill and off what seemed like a cliff before we picked up height and set course for the big city...

With the smiling crew from Basant Adventures waiting for us at KTM arrivals, we were out of the airport and back at our hotel before Kathmandu's traffic had even woken up. Too early to check in, a very happy couple of hours was spent re-acquainting myself with the internet and the concept that the world was bigger than the footpath in front of me - it seemed there had been some sort of an election in America a few days before which everyone found very important... The day before in Lukla I never quite managed to find a cold beer, so, hot showered and happy, I booked an appointment with a large Everest beer to go with my pizza and Fire & Ice. Amusingly, after 3 weeks of looking forward to this moment, I only managed three-quarters of it, but it was a superb moment - beer, pizza and a newspaper - back to civilisation...

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Back in KTM
Back in KTM
photo by: sharonburgher