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The Boeing 737 that Aer Lingus used in 1981 (picture taken from the internet)

My mum moved to Dublin in the Summer of 1981 to be with her Irish partner. My sister and I had been living with her after my parent's divorce but that was about to change! We were given a choice about where to live I'm told but I honestly can't remember. If this is the case I musn't have caught the travel bug yet at that stage 'cause I opted to go live with my dad and therefore stay in The Netherlands...

It was decided that we would go stay with my mum during the Christmas holiday in 1981. I had just turned 11 at the time and my sister was 14. The two of us got on a plane for the first time in our lives and we had nobody with us, just my dad dropping us off in Amsterdam and my mum collecting us on the other end! We did have stewardesses guiding us to the plane and we got to ride on one of the electric cars that went around the airport, so it was all very exciting... We flew Aer Lingus, there were no discount airlines back then, and the service was great. Free food and drinks, remember those days?

I honestly can't remember too much about the trip or our time there, only snippets. We did see a bit of the country, met lots of very friendly people and it was our first Christmas getting presents so I don't think we would have been complaining too much! I remember the Christmas tree decorated with balloons (balloons and spiky tree, didn't anyone tell them those two don't really go together?), Christmas crackers, and a "proper" Christmas dinner with Brussels Sprouts. Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, all things that sounded delicious but turned out not to taste that good... Lots of new experiences and the first of many Christmasses spent in this beautiful country!

londonstudent says:
I think a lot of families are like that! But I love them. Another great thing about Brussels Sprouts on Christmas Day is that you can use the left-overs for Bubble and Squeak on Boxing Day, and Bubble and Squeak is just divine!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
pms70 says:
The funny thing is my mum suggested having them for a "normal" dinner once and her husband said that he hates them, but he was the one who insisted on them every Christmas because apparently that's what you're supposed to eat!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
londonstudent says:
Brussels Sprouts are wonderful ;)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
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The Boeing 737 that Aer Lingus use…
The Boeing 737 that Aer Lingus us…
photo by: fransglobal