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So...where was I..ahh yes. Bar.We went to Arcadia in Kottayam. This place, according to Evil was supposed to be the most happening watering hole in the city. Ten points for that I guess, for I could witness the efficacy with which Arcadia was churning out drunks on to the streets:) Thankfully PK was bigger than a barrel when it came to such matters. We enter the place and not surprisingly find our man in rather high spirits, so to speak :) It was already late in the evening and it was imperative that we hit the road asap, lest we get late for our next destination - Vagamon.

Vagamon was apparently discovered by Evil in one of his college escapades. It was supposed to be a beautiful hillstation which was not as commercial as Munnar or Ooty. That sounded nice to us. So we set off hunting for road signs to Vagamon. At this juncture I would like to bring to light that, never in our trip did we deem that it might just be a worthwile to get a road map. We were the kings of the road and therefore we presumed that all roads lead only to the destination where we were predestined to go to. (A smart observer would realise the play on words in the previous statement ;) ) Nevertheless, we the high spirited ones, proceeded to Vagamon with great expectations.

In fact, we proceeded with such stead that, never once did we doubt the fact that we had overshot the place (even though we were driving through roads which had not seen a single soul in ages and the whole area surrounding us was more forest than any other form of description that can be attributed to it). Well, so there we were, driving through heavy mist/fog, visibility close to zero and finally we realize that its about time we reached the place. Unfortunately, there is no one to clarify our exact co-ordinates at this point and we decide to drive the same way we came hoping to find something which we dint find in the first place! So we drive back until we find this one place called 'Green Meadows' where much to our surprise, a whole goddamn party was underway! Unfortunately the manager there was a pissant and shooed us away! That considerably pissed us off and once more we drove back towards (presumably) Vagamon. Thankfully, our misadventure was short-lived, for around 11 o' clock in the night, we find this guy who was seemingly shutting down his hotel. Mr. Evil worked his charm and managed to find a place for us to crash for the night. Oh yeah, we had finally reached Vagamon :)

Early next morning we were woken up from our slumber by some heavy bangs on the door. Apparently, our car was parked in the middle of a market! So poor Jose had to go and complete the necessary activities in order for the villager folk to be relieved of the monstrosity which we had inadvertantly caused. The rest of the bunch snored on for a little more and then our great revolutionary woke up. Which pretty much meant that all of us woke up! The first task for the day was always the same.

We start with a light mallu breakfast and proceed to the meadows. And what a place it was. Unquestionably, this was one of the best destinations I have ever set foot on. This place was green. If green were to be defined as a colour, this place is where the dictionary is. All of us were on a higher plane (literally and quite otherwise too ;) Our senses were captivated by what was around us (and in us ;) ). No description of the place could ever do justice to what it actually was. By early afternoon, we decided to trek back and proceed to visit a pine forest and then to a small peak nearby.

Once we reached the peak, we realised that it was not as 'small' as we had imagined it to be. Once more, we had no doubts that we were the kings of the world and decided to conquer the peak. It was quite a daunting task, considering some of our members were not aptly equipped for this sort of thing (They were high and they were not wearing shoes!). Nevertheless, there was no stopping us. With enough time, we reach the top of this place. This was the first time that we actually cared to look down. We realised that it was quite a climb and going down was not going to be easy. That being the case, we thought we might as well chill there for a while and well, chilled. After chilling for a bit, one of us got the brainwave that we might land up into similar trouble as the previous night if we leave too late for our next destination and decided to call it quits on this place. Thankfully, the climb down was not as dreadful as we had imagined. All of us were down in a jiffy. Then, it started to rain and that made our day. A few minutes more on that peak and we would have been stuck there for until the clouds decided to stop peeing!

Refurbished by our luck, we checked out of our hotel and proceeded to Thekkady. This was a rather calm and peaceful drive and we reached our destination at a sane hour and managed to check in to a nice hotel too. Unfortunately, there was a peculiar thing about Thekkady. If you want to go for a night trek in the jungle or go bamboo rafting the next day, you have to book your tickets before 5:30 in the evening. Which we missed by an hour and a half! Thus, we decided to drown our ill fate in some alcohol.

To be Continued...
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