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Now...It all began one day when Mr.Evil Vijayan called me up and said "Loser! Come off on the 2nd (of May) to Trivandrum. PK will join us on the 3rd". With those great words of inspiration and without any further idea of what was in store, I made the necessary arrangements and packed my bags.

The journey to trivandrum was an ordeal. At that point of time I had made 2 assumptions - 1. That most of the train journey would be through kerala and 2. that Kerala is much more cooler (in terms of temperature :P) as compared to Tamilnadu. In hindsight, assumption 1 turned out to be entirely wrong and assumption 2 turned out to be entirely correct. Which pretty much means that I, travelling in the upper berth in a sleeper class coach, was roasted. That aside the journey as such was not very eventful. (What can you expect when you are in a compartment filled with mallus who kept pointing to me whenever they made any referece to Tamilnadu as if I was an alien intruding their space- Freakin commies! We live in the same goddamn country!!!!!)

Trivandrum. I walk out of the station and Jose was there to pick me up. This was the beginning of an epic journey. We drive to Jose's and get ready for the journey ahead. At this juncture Jose brought me up to speed on some recent happenings which has to do with the whereabouts of PK. Apparently, he, in a state of inebriation had forgotten to board the bus which was supposed to take him to Cochin, where he was supposed to attend a friend's wedding (also where we were going to pick him up that morning). Out of desperation PK had called Jose for some wisdom and inspiration. In hindsight, a rather futile effort he would have thought. For all he received were the choiciest of mallu expletives and a directive to reach Cochin by whatever means necessary.

We had a sumptuous breakfast and set forth on our journey in Jose's Bolero. Little did we know what we had ahead of us. Our immedieate task was to pick up Srijit 'Evil' Vijayan. He chose a rather innocuous spot in Trivandrum for the rendevous - Cafe Coffee Day. We picked up the revolutionary and heard some bad news-that we were short of some supplies. We proceeded driving in the general direction of Cochin with that in mind when Evil comes up with the idea that we should proceed to Kottayam and ask PK to join us there directly as it would save us atleast 5 hours of road time. A nice idea it seemed, so we change direction and head towards Kottayam by M.C. Road. We had stopped on the way for the ominous assignment which was handled by Evil. He went shopping for the supplies which were absolutely essential for the trip ;) In the meanwhile precise instructions were relayed to PK about the change in plans.

Our next stop was for lunch. We stopped at a beautiful hotel which was built right in the middle of a small lake. Surprisingly it was run by the Govenrment of Kerala. Way to go commies *sneer*! During lunch our resourceful guide Mr.Evil gets some gyaan on the nicest "Kallu shaaps" in Kumarakoam. We were on the road again - destination Kottayam. The roads were decent throughout the journey and we had some interesting conversations on subjects such as 'The king of Travancore', 'Lack of Immigrant labourers in kerala and its effect on agriculture', 'General TamilNadu bashing based on the weather and on certain general characteristics of the people' and of course 'the different varieties of a certain crop which grow in the western ghats and is of immense interest to our conclave'

We reached Kumarakoam by early afternoon (Kumarakoam is 15 kms from kottayam) and headed straight for the 'kallu shaap' guided by our able 'Evil' Vijayan. We then proceeded to devour *ahem* a second lunch there along with some 'Kallu'. Unfortunately, one sip of that horrendous concoction and my entire face was contorted. Well, as for the boys, they were having a field day. Once the majority was in the right spirits, we set sail - in country boats that is, and into the backwaters of Kumarakoam. This was a very pleasent experience. The backwaters of kerala were pristine and peaceful. All along the coast we could see the different resorts - each exotic in its own way and in what it had to offer. We even spotted a snake boat in one of these resorts.

As we clambered back on to land from the backwaters, we realised that we had a situation to deal with. All this while we had been trying to get in touch with PK in order to set up a meeting point where we can pick him up. Unfortunately, PK was incommunicado. So we decided to travel in the general direction of kottayam. We were chilling for a little while in a random beautiful spot when the call from PK came. A few expletives later, we were on the road again to pick up our man. Not so surprisingly the rendevous was to happen in a bar. That bastard!

To be continued...

P.S. Aliya means Machi
P.P.S Machi is slang for buddy/dude in Tamil.
P.P.P.S If you still don't get it, go Google!
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