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waiting to board the plane to australia

This is my blog of my trip to Australia. 1 day of flying and I went from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles, California to Sydney, Australia to Cairns, Australia... (phew!)

We left the Detroit Metro Airport at about 5:00 pm to fly to LAX International Airport. We didnt have much time in between flight so we could only grab a quick bite to eat an a bathroom break. We travelled with 35 students, 4 teachers, and 1 delegation manager whom we met once we got to Australia. After flying for about 18 hourswe finally arrived in Cairns, Australia. We left on friday June 20, 2008 but since we crossed the internation date line we arrived in australia on sunday the 22nd.

after we cleared customs.
we were all so jet lagged... On our flight from LA we flew on a Qantas flight which was pretty cool. they planes tail had a kangaroo on it. The flight from Detroit to Los Angeles wasnt that bad but the flight from LA to Australia was crazy! It was very very long and the majority of the time it was dark and cold as we flew over the pacific ocean most of the time. I was bummed because I had fallen asleep on the flight the the student next to me didnt wake me so I could eat therefore i was unable to eat for another 8 house until the next meal which was breakfast (raisin bran + milk, a warm muffin, orange juice, and some fresh fruit). We landed in the SYD Airport and were able to meet the delegation manager Diana (she was basically our guide/teacher for the 3 weeks we were in Australia), before we boarded yet another plane from Sydney to Cairns we were able to relax for about an hour and get some food to our surprise we had to find a currency exchange center in the airport because we had arrived and were no longer in the United States. The flight to Cains only lasted about 3 hours.

The next few blogs will be about my life changing trip to Australia.

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waiting to board the plane to aust…
waiting to board the plane to aus…
after we cleared customs.
after we cleared customs.
photo by: Katie_Kate