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Beautiful Bay of Naples
The train trip to Naples was very nice. We came across beautiful landscapes and villages. The train stopped 3 times before we drove into Napoli. Three hours before we were in Rome and now we stood at one of the ugliest train stations I've ever seen, in Naples. The neighbourhood near the stations was also not one out of a fairytale. It was hot, messy, crowded and full of street salesmen who wanted to sell you stuff which you didn't need and probably didn't work. But we did want to find a hotel, and because it was so hot and unpleasant, we wanted to find one fast. So we asked the prices of the first three hotels we saw near the station and they were surprisingly cheap compared to the ones in Rome.
My Friend Tom, with his t-shirt
We checked in and went for a little nap.

It was so hot outside, around 40 degrees Celsius, and because of that temperature outside activity was not really enjoyable. Luckily we had air conditioning in our room. After a little nap, we went into the city. It was a little bit cooler right now so that was comfortable. Still it was to warm to do something really active, and we wanted to take advantage of the fact that Naples was at the coast of the Bay of Naples. First we walked along the boulevard and really enjoyed the sun. After that we came across a little fishing boat harbour near the boulevard, there were big rocks were you could lay on and take a dive in the clear blue water. And we did. It was lovely and refreshing.

We also walked by some of the major sightseeing attractions, like palaces, shopping streets, typically Napolian streets, castles and the beautiful shore.
The roof of the building next to the hotel. But it could have been any random building in Naples
After this long walk through hilly Naples, we were exhausted. We went back to the hotel and refreshed to go out to find a place to eat. I had been to Naples before and knew some good places to eat, but it was a big walk to get there and public transport in Naples is not really realiable. When we arrived at one of the places I knew, there was a row outside the restaurant with as many people as there normally are on a saturday in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, and for people who don't know The Bijenkorf, that means it was really busy. We were in no mood to wait more then one hour to get a table so we went on to some other place. Again, a row outside the building which seemed to go on around the corner of the next street. And the next three restaurants were also full. After one hour (we could have had a table and a pizza at the first restaurant now) we finally found a place to eat which was good enough for our standards (they are not really high, but in Naples there are some places where you wouldn't be found death, let alone be eating food) and where there was no que longer than 15 minutes. The food was a pleasant surprise, 2 euro for a pizza which was supurb. After dinner we were all to tired to go out or do something else. Bed was the only place we longed for now.

Before I stepped into my bed I walked over to the balcony and inspected the dark but lighted city. It seemed to be just waking up, Young boys on scooters with girls on the back on their way to the clubs, old ladies coming out of their houses to eat (people in Naples eat at 12 o'clock at night), children playing soccer in the street and many more.

I love this city.
sylviandavid says:
What a nice blog!.... 2 euro pizza OMG.... so glad it worked out for you.... sylvia
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
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Beautiful Bay of Naples
Beautiful Bay of Naples
My Friend Tom, with his t-shirt
My Friend Tom, with his t-shirt
The roof of the building next to t…
The roof of the building next to …
photo by: spocklogic