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So.. my flight was leavin to lux on 30.07.. u have no idea how long I waited for this..

So at first I give u a little background why I went there in a first place. Last winter came to our school two exchange students from luxembourg, and I got to know them really good. We basically went out almoust every day.. we were like some kind of trio:D Also some friends of them came to Finland to seem them and I got some more really good friends. In this summer they sadly left, but I had on the  other hand a good reason to go abroad.  First I went there on my own in the end of june.. and now I went there with one of my friend Janika. We went there with Ryanair cuz the prizes are there always so low. Landed then in Frankfurt- Hahn. It was so good to c there Amury who came there with mathieus mother to pic us up. Journey lasted a bit over hour, and all the way me and janika just oohhed and aahhed cuz the landscape is there breathtaking, with all the winefields, mountains and waters... just gorgeus :) . And as u might now, luxembourgish people are unbeatable in drinkin.. so we went into our reagular park to have some beers and mingle.. cuz almoust all our frineds came there.. it was soooosoososo good to see them..  I ended up goin to the house I was stayin in (im callin it my home..cuz it literally feels like home.. just sayin so u wont be confused ) at 23.. At the next day we went to neuerburg in germany ..cuz mathieu (one of the exchange students who was in Finland..and is my boyfriend also)was workin there in a camp ( an international children camp.. in a old castle).. also in there landscape was amazin... (I really cant get enough of it..just have to mention every time I have a chance cuz it really was the most beautiful thing i have seen) we stayed there till midnight and take part also in their disco (it was their last night in there thats why they had disco and all sort of other things) But yeah..  the day was fun and I had again good chance to meet different people over the country.. for example there were some from Spain, Estonia, Germany and many more I just cant remember...

The next day came mathieu back to lux from the camp... but before that.. me janika and schluie (the other exchange student) went shoppin (as I am a girl its important to me to shop till i drop) .. and It was fun cuz he had actually very good taste and we had also a good laugh cuz I really cant be serious when he is around.. and the talk is also brainless which is even funnier :)

On wendesday we went to forest with our friends and had a babry with drinks.. I have to say that it was the most idyllic day/night..  cuz  the forest was on a top of somekind of a  hill.. so we had a good view over the city and the place was also nice with benches, fireplace and also a little waterfall :)

Next day we went to a lake... the day was hot and again one gorgeus place.. we swam, had a barby, drank and listened to music.. it is just so good to hang with friends together..  It was again a perfect day

On friday there was picadilly.. famous wine festival.. an hour away from the city.. It was really cool and the best thing was that I saw more good friends who I hadnt seen before.. This night was also really good... Really the rest of that night I better keep to myself cuz there were bottles of wines involved.. This much I have to say that I cant really keep up with Luxembourgis people.. but overall soooo good night and louds of good food and people.. it was just so crowded .. seemed like all luxembourg was in a one place--

Other nights were a bit quiet.. just movie nights and occasional bar nights as the local culture..

Ouh and on one day we went to c some arcitecture.. and may I say.. it was also amazin :DDD Just so beautiful.. Different from Finland thats for sure.. and all the family houses r also extravagant.. really me and janika just walked and again oohhheed and aahhhed.. cuz u cant c this in here.. 

But yeah thats about it..  It was just so sad to leave.. especially when u have to say once again goodbye to your friends.. still quite shocked but I try to manage here :D... But then again I have smthin to wait for:DD

NB: sry for mistakes cuz when im excited i just tipe fast:D and also my english needs a bit work but im learnin every day

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