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july 27th, 2009- monday morning off to the LAX around 2pm to catch the delta/northwest airline to Maui at Kahului airport. almost a 6 hour plane ride arrived in Maui around 9:20pm. got the rental car and drove another hour to Honowaki in west maui where I stayed for 8 nights in the apartments called Hale Maui. A family-owned complex. Late arrival to the apartment. The apartment looked like any apartment. Not fancy. The only difference is it is conveniently located right off the ocean shore and is within 10 minutes away from the average-sized town of Lahania. Honowaki is north of Lahaina and definitely more quiet and away from crowds.

july 28th- adjusting to the time difference in hawai'i i woke up pretty late. with my trusty GPS system and with the help of the asst. apartment manager i was able to find a local grocery store called Star Market to pick up food worth 8 days of my stay in Maui. Cooking for myself is easy plus i liked the idea of having the kitchen and being able to cook my own meals. to feel like i'm an actual resident of Maui. i wanted to get the feeling as if I lived in hawai'i and i did with that apartment. Then i would start my exploring of the island and drove around the nearest towns. With the conveince of one highway, hwy 30, i can get to anywhere within minutes and traffic was no issue!

july 29th- 6:30am the tour picked me up at my apartment for the Road to Hana tour, ran by a company called Valley Isle Excursions. It includes light breakfast and picnic lunch and lots of stops. I didn't felt too rushed with my tour guide. I know lots of tour guides would rush you but not this man named Dave (whose originally from pennyslvania). It was a group of us, about 10 people only, in a small shuttle bus. The most amazing sights i have seen is w/ this tour group. so much nature and peace. could it get any better? yes it does with many waterfalls and ones where you can swim in. also black sand beach, the 7 sacred pools. this tour covered the entire east side all the way to south and west maui. the only area they did not cover was north maui where i ventured off alone during my last day in maui. we saw the towns called paia, haiku, and etc along the eastside before hitting hana. the roads were narrow and hard to drive in but w/ the tour guides experience it wasn't a concern. my first fall of the trip was here! i slipped on some slippery rock right by the highway. ouch! it is hard to believe that people actually live in these areas. it is pretty secluded. the tour ended around 6:30pm where dave the tour guide drove us all back to our hotels, in my case the apartment. see my pictures of this amazing east maui area. Valley Isle Excursions is definitely so far the best tour group i've had.

july 30th- i ventured alone in my rental car to the beaches! at last the beaches. defintely very easy to get to and all were along the highway 30. on that hwy alone you could possibly drive by 30 beaches. the view is magnificient and best of all not much of a crowd. the most crowd would be the beaches in west maui mostly in Lahaina. At least there weren't any ridiculous parking fees to go to the beach (unlike los angeles!!).

july 31st- maui ocean center. the aquarium is by south maui also on hwy 30. the beautiful aquarium charged a heavy fee of $26.50 so beware. i wouldn't say this is the best aquarium but at least the location was pretty. plenty of different marine life is displayed here. including sharks, seahorses, and jellyfishes. just right outside of the aquarium in the plaza is a tiny shopping center where you can find a quick bite, smoothies, and souvenier shops. of course i had to stop by to buy postcards. At night it was raining in Honokawai.

august 1st- south maui. i ventured to south maui to check out those beaches. holy crap really nice beaches and hardly any people! the best! i went to the beach called Po'o something. sorry i can't spell or pronounce this beach. also in the area in south maui is Makena, wailea, and kihei. the beach in Po'o something is about 20 miles away from where i stayed. It is very clean and the sand was soft. the area of south maui seems to be a luxury area with new housing developments. After hitting the beaches and making pit stops at scenic views I went back to west maui to pick up my ticket at boss frog's divers for the next day's luau. Then i stopped by the beach closest to my apartment but the weather was a bit gloomy and started to spinkle raindrops.

august 2nd- Old Lahania Luau.  located in Lahaina on Front Street in the downtown area. even so i hate crowds i don't find Lahaina that irritating to be in. the size of the crowd is no comparison to los angeles. before entering the luau i stopped by the lahania town center where they had little shops, an indoors mall but most stores had already closed for the day. there is no night life in Maui. going back to the luau i entered filled with half naked men. hahaha. the guy who walked me to my table made a joke and asking if i came alone. a random waiter with dreadlocks came over and gave me a high five for coming alone and the other guy made a joke about a room full of half naked waiters and servers. hahaha. pleasant night. i had a few good alcoholic drinks and sat w/ a family of 7 from northern california. they were kind enough to talk and befriend me and i told them i hope i wasn't interrupting their family time.  

august 3rd- my last full day in maui i explored north maui. also along hwy 30 you can find also very prestine and clean beaches. i stopped by kapalua and spent a few hours at that beach and had a hike along the trail that leads to the cliff shores. Then a stop at Honolua Bay.

somewhere in between this trip i also went to Iao Valley but i forgot exactly what date. they call it the west of hana. The Iao Needle. the short trail to get a close view of the needle was amazing. also in that area you can find lots of rainforest and plenty of greens just like Hana in east maui. It is sometimes hard to believe that people can actually live this close to the rainforests.

august 4th- island hop to Oahu. early morning i left the apartment (which i don't recommend staying because they had insect issues) and said my bye's to maui.....memorable days i spent in maui will never be forgotten. i catched my flight w/ Hawaiian airlines to honolulu.
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