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on brocks head over looking bell island
Hello all i know my last two entries have been kind of lame. but since i've been here on the 3rd i arrived in newfoundland off the ferry at 12 had a two hour bus ride after watching the rugged coastline appear and just being astounded by the beauty i also ran into sams friend rebbeca on the ferry which was kind of funny and two vancouver islanders on the ferry not that i knew but just two cool cats as sam would put it. Once i was dropped off at the school i couldn't get ahold of the farm which got me a little worried eventually i got through and met up with there son louie whos 39 and grows micro crops. I met there other son Auze (oz) 37 when i got there melba and mike the owners of the farm diana the boss lady denzal and vince and brire who lives in Sooke most times during the year. All are very nice people. Friday i was shown the ropes and worked a full day even though i only need to work 5 hours a day that evening i just talked with emily and met there 40 year old daughter who comes home on the weekends from saint johns and is dislex and scitsophrenic( sorry i don't know how to spell that). the next day i went to town and had a coffee read the paper and just walked around searching for telus since i haven't recived any text messages since thursday and i know emily had been texting me. Never found telus though. Another woofer came home with us from the farmers market and his name was james traveling the last 7 months and he's from Port Alberni and hes a nice guy can't seem to have very good conversations with him though. he told me i need to make it to gros morne before october and that i was crazy for staying here as long as i am and that i should hitchhike with him to manitoba i don't feel thats the right move for me though he discribes this family as the beverly hillbillys mixed with the adams family. Sunday i worked all day and decided to go for a hike that afternoon i hiked brocks head and then over to a waterfall but before i found the right path i walked for half an hour down another path which eventually turned into just moose tracks i was following a moose yes i had got myself going in the wrong direction but i had a smile on the whole time i was out and about and loving every moment of the secenery met up with some nice newfoundlanders who told me where to look for paying work and gave me all sorts of pointers on hikes and told me this was a boring hike compared to the east coast trail funny how i thought it was just the most amazing thing ever and also shared some fireball with me and showed me how to get to the waterfall. that night two more woofers arrived from bellville ontario traveling the last three months carissa and andrew who've been woofing all over the east coast and it turned out carissa grew up in Prince Rupert and lived in nanimo for two years they are a really cool couple also said i have to make it to gros morne if just for a day. and yesterday they took me into saint johns with them there just such high energy and fun (reminded me of my trip with jenny and laurent how we should have been there all together having fun and goofing off) but we hiked all over signal hill and ate blueberrys (made me think of sam and how she was probably out in Pleasent Park picking blueberrys for her and her roomates with loyde) leaned into the wind and watched as the wisps of sea were thrown up and in the spray as the light hit it rambows would be visiable for and instant and then vanish away into the crystal clear perfect blue water. and we were able to see all of saint johns and it was just great after that we went and had a beer at the yellowbelly brew pub with sweet potato fries (that just made me think of home and the brew pub) after a pint we headed over to fort amhearst and got pointed in the direction of cape spear... so we went on a slight detour turned around once we clued in. at fort amhearst we jumped the gate and went down into the WWII bunkers and looked at the old guns just sitting there and read all the graffite covering the place and wondered how in the last 70 so year those concret bunkers were wore away so quick did they start dimantaling or was it the course of time and the destruction of nature and sea winter wind that took that concret and ate away at it. From there we watched the sun set over saint johns and that was the end of our day. today i worked from 9-4 and helped make a salad and now here i am i may post a picture i took of myself from the hike over looking bell island which i hope i can make it to for a day. I also may volunteer with the east coast hiking trail people clear trails and then just hike them after but i would have to hitchhike home after. hope you all are doing well see yah soon.
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i arrived safe and sound it's okay here picked rasberries and stuff today cleaned the kitchen after dinner and talked to emily alot and well i don't know what to write right now living with melba mike and there two sons who are 37 and 39 the other workers on the farm are nice it should be easy to get into a routine.
on brocks head over looking bell i…
on brocks head over looking bell …
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